Kino led primary

A really nice led primary with Kino this morning. So much better than the last one I did with her in March which nearly killed me. She seemed to count quicker this time and not forget what comes after “three” quite so often! Time to get into Mari D and Supta K, which can be a struggle in a led class, I was already bound in Supta K before she said “one”. A lovely assist in Baddha Konasana, my knee must be improving to take that much weight & get my head to the floor.

She had us do Chakorasana, I got stuck on the first attempt, having not given it enough oomph, Kino flipped me over the rest of the way.

Decent backbends, no time in-between to study the ceiling, down to the head, walk and crawl the hands, then push up again. No dropbacks alas, oh well there’s always tomorrow’s Mysore class for that.

A very long Sirsasana,seemed to take an age and I couldn’t stay up for her full count, but I was probably vertical for longer than at any time since Sri Lanka 

This afternoon we repeat the “Agni”
Workshop we did in Edinburgh, or as I blogged at the time “Agony”, hopefully this time it won’t be.


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