Sunday – Mysore & Hips


A long Mysore practice this morning and all the better for having my regular teacher assisting Kino. Down dog squashes from both of them, though Cary does squash with a bit more force than Kino, probably because she knows me and knows how far to go! PPC from Kino twice as she got me to turn my hands over. Cary gave me one of her stronger UHP assists, eeek, but at least I knew what to expect, think some found C hard going.

Mostly left alone in seated, though I was just knotting myself into Mari D when Kino called us to Samasthitihi to chant, she looked down and saw me extricating myself and gave a knowing smile 🙂 Supta K on my own, then a mega squashing from C in Baddha Konasana.

Decided to do extra backbends after I hearing Kino tell the girl next to me that 3 isn’t enough, to do at least 6. My first couple are usually ropey, so I did 6 trying to walk in and rock. They do get progressively stronger and stabler the more I do. Left to play dropbacks for quite a while, managed 6 before I got the prod in my back, knew who it was before Cary appeared in front of me grinning. Drop back on my own, but today she had a new game, rapidly pushing and then pulling my hips which had the effect of me almost pinging back up to standing, I felt like an elastic band that had suddenly been let go, it took a couple to get the hang if it, but 3rd and 4th I was suddenly standing and Cary was obviously pleased with the result as her arm pumped “yeah!” she is usually so serious with her impassive face, but just occasionally she makes me laugh with her almost child like joy at getting a student to do something.

A great practice with 2 great teachers.

This afternoon it was the Hips and Hamstrings, well at least I now know what the Trocanther is and that it’s what should rotate in UHP. We did UHP in pairs and also Mari A, pulling the knee back and pushing the torso forward, with the effect of separating the shoulder and hip away. We also did Lotus and how to get into it safely, someone asked why it’s always right leg first, Kino said it’s because doing the right first sends energy up the spine, doing the left first would send it down.

It’s been a good weekend, the seminar on Friday was interesting, it’s good to learn some of the philosophy behind the practice. I was able to enjoy the led class this time, not just survive it and this mornings Mysore was super, if only more could be like that.



2 Responses to “Sunday – Mysore & Hips”

  1. Wayne Says:

    So glad you had a good time. It was likely extra special having Cary and Kino there at the same time!

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