Sharath day 2

When the alarm went off at 5:30am I wished I was doing intermediate and could have another 90 minutes under the Duvet. Tea and a biscuit before the 15 minute walk to this weeks Shala. Each day the Staff tick the day off our Pass as we enter, but the staff are getting younger,Hamish and Anna’s beautiful little 6 year old daughter Talia with her “staff” T-shirt on that comes down to her knees, asked if I had my pass and she carefully ticked off “Monday”, she is bright as a button and brings a smile to everyone’s face as they enter.

There is a general hubbub in the room as people chat and greet each other, some people are stretching, some are lying on their mats,but at 6:30 there is a sudden quiet as Sharath walks to the front of the room, everyone comes to Samasthitihi without being told. There is no preamble we call and respond the chant, then it’s “ekam” and off we go.

Practice felt harder today, I think yesterday the general excitement and adrenalin helped to take us through the practice, but day 2 when we are more settled it felt harder, even though we only did 5 Navasanas today instead of yesterday’s 6! There was a space of about 3 feet in front of my mat and Sharath stood in it quite often, probably how I came to get 3 assists today from him, first in Parsvakonasana as he pushed my hip down. UHP was better today, though concentrating was hard, a yogini in my eyeline in a lurid pink top got a wobble on, yes my Drishte failure, but watching a pink vision waving from one side to the other doesn’t help my prospects of staying upright. Second assist from Sharath in Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana as he used his finger to help me bind, not that I was anywhere near a toe grab, especially on the second side with my knee.

After his talk about being focussed I tried harder in seated not to let my mind wander (to breakfast), in asanas like Janusirsasnas my hamstring was more open today and unlike yesterday I didn’t have to back off. He seemed to do the Marichyasanas faster today, I didn’t manage to bind D in time. In a room so crowded poses like Kurmasana and Upavistha just have to be what they can,I havn’t given up on them this week, but I am not going to worry how deep or bound they are,that’s me trying to find non attachment to my favourite posture 🙂

It’s the time I am missing in this no faffing style of practice, time to squidge myself into poses and time to warm my back up before Urdva Dhanurasana. My lack of doing led practice in the usual scheme of things means I seem to find myself inhaling when Sharath is telling us to exhale and his count particularly in the seated poses seems fast, I am only getting about 3 1/2 breaths by the time he has counted to 5. Obviously in Navasana he doesn’t count fast enough 🙂

Backbends were hard, i am doing it, rising when told, staying up and coming down only on to my head in-between but it feels like it’s a survival test, my soon to be 47 years old back needs more of a warm up a la Kino!

A final assist in Shoulderstand,then we soon come to the final test, the long count to 15 in Sirsasana,I stayed up the whole way through and lowered to Ardha, but couldn’t hold it, but that’s a kind of improvement and in the next couple of months I will be trying to stay up longer.

The adrenalin may have gone but there is an amazing energy in the room still as Sharath says “Thank you” and we rise from Savasana.


4 Responses to “Sharath day 2”

  1. V Says:

    You can’t really call that room crowded once you’ve practiced at AYL, and you’d better get used to “real” crowded anyway before Mysore 🙂

    • globie Says:

      AYL may be as crowded but we are not doing the same pose at the same time, so the likes of Supta K and Upavistha are not such an issue. I try to usually get next to someone already on seated. Mysore will be warmer too.

  2. susananda Says:

    It will be fun tomorrow with all of us there too!! 🙂

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