Sharath Day 3 My arms ache

Well it was better than yesterday, I realise that there are 3 points in the practice with Sharath that are both mental and physical hurdles I have to get through and my mind has developed a habit of jumping forward to them a couple of asanas early. The first is Navasana, well who looks forward to that one at the best of times? Surprisingly the last couple seem better than the first 3. Urdva Dhanurasana has been hard this week, going straight up, no faffing, no checking out the beautiful ornate ceiling, no warm up bridges, just DO IT! I am surprising myself by managing to go straight up and survive Sharath’s count to 5, but my arms are a cross between jelly and lead. The last hill to overcome is Sirsasana, day 1 not knowing what his count was going to be made it a bit of a challenge to say the least, Day 2 I knew it was to 15 then Ardha for 10, but I only made it to one of Ardha before the superstructure caved in. Today I did the first 15 and got to about two and a half of Ardha before my arms sank under the weight and I had to come down. Maybe tomorrow I will get a little further.

As someone said it’s just practice, in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter, but we all know how good those days seem when we perceive practice to be good.

I did bind Mari D and Supta K again today and stayed vertical throughout UHP. The humidity helped make it a much sweatier practice, it was dry at 6:15, but when we came out just after 8 the heavens had well and truly opened.

I am starting to be able to catch on to Sharath’s ways,his little bits of humour and am warming to him as a Teacher.


2 Responses to “Sharath Day 3 My arms ache”

  1. Wayne Says:

    “I only made it to one of Ardha before the superstructure caved in.” – funny! Really enjoying reading about your experiences with Sharath – thanks for sharing!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Glad you are enjoying following along.

      Writing has become part of my after practice rest, hanging out in a Cafe with wifi drinking tea half the afternoon 🙂

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