Sharath Day 4 – Getting used to it now!

My arms still turn to Jelly, but somehow my body is getting more used to being led to Sharath’s breath count, that is rarely in sync with my own. I had the sensation in Chaturanga of my body finding structure and support in places where it is more used to just sinking down. Have Bandhas appeared? Familiarity with the room is making it become more internal, though my mind still wanders, but at least it no longer runs off and is brought back to the breath and if I remember the Drishte.

For all that it is still HARD! Sharath adjusted me in Parsvakonasana, well my arm at least, he said something too, but I didn’t catch it. That was the only assist today. To be honest it’s challenging enough without having someone taking it even further with deep adjustments.

I think he counted faster in Navasana and thankfully stopped after 5. A few poses today seemed quicker, I had managed to bind Mari D, but didn’t have time to get my head further under my feet in Supta K, leading to a faff crap exit, hey ho!

After 4 days it’s less of a battle to push myself up into Urdva Dhanurasana, even though as i lay there i get to look at the wonderful ceiling and Disco Ball. though once i am up my arms start to protest and I was told by my mat neighbour over breakfast that my breath in UD is very short and shallow, compared to Janu A where I only seem to get may 3 or 4 breaths at most before Sharath gets to 5, in UD I probably take 10 shallow, short inhales and exhales in the same time. I have consciously tried to walk the hands in on all 3 backbends to make them more stable, usually the first one is an up and down job, but only doing 3 I need to make the most of all of them.

Sirsasana improves day by day, not only did I survive the full 15 count vertical, but actually got to 5 in Ardha Sirsasana, before caving in, I wonder if I will make the whole thing by Friday.

Uth Plutihi is a killer, Sharath was standing nearby, i just about stayed up, though was rapidly sinking, but at least knowing his “lift up” comment wasn’t directed at me 🙂

I am getting into this now, beginning to appreciate where I am supposed to inhale and exhale, learning not to waste energy, finding more strength and resolve in poses I find (particularly) difficult. It’s good to share this journey with so many Shala friends and others I know from the Cybershala 

This afternoon I decided I deserved some R&R, I cut my finger on a toe nail in Mari B this morning, I was going to wait until Saturday and have some treatments on my Birthday, but I needed a treat, so i had a Pedicure and then a neck and shoulder massage, I now have happy toes and less aching shoulders, but my arms still feel like lead!


2 Responses to “Sharath Day 4 – Getting used to it now!”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Sounds wonderful – and great to hear it on a day-to-day basis, and how you are settling into the experience. Which will, after all, be your experience for months in Mysore!! Thank you! 🙂

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Susie,

      Glad you are enjoying reading along.

      It’s interesting to see how I’m changing with it. In Mysore I get to do “Mysore” practice 4 days and led twice each week.

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