Sharath Day 5 – staying up longer in Ardha

My god the penultimate practice with Sharath, it’s gone so fast. A few more familiar faces from our Shala there dropping in to experience the led with Sharath, though overall it seemed quieter.

I think all this work in Uth Plutihi and backbends that is killing my arms is resulting in my arms getting bigger or it could be that my T shirt has shrunk in the rain, but it’s certainly tighter!

It’s still hard work, even if I am getting used to it, UHP was vertical and I had a sense of my arms coming further over in Prasarita C. I am surviving Navasana better,but today I had tall yoginis on both sides, which meant my Supta K was somewhat squashed. I was more conscious of trying to lengthen my breath in Urdva Dhanurasana, as well as walking my hands in, I hope all this new found strength, both of mind to not faff before UD and power to push straight up and walk in translates into better backbends once I’m back to being home alone next week.

Sirsasana is incrementally improving, 15 upright and I then survived until 6 and a bit in Ardha,will I get to 10 on the last day?

No adjustments as such today, but Sharath had called Urdva Padmassana, for some unknown reason instead of putting my hands on my knees with straight arms I had bound my hands round my knees for the next one and was quite happily listening to the count, until Sharath stood above me, tapped my leg and said “Like her” pointing to my neighbour!

I like his humour, I have certainly warmed to him as the week has gone on, in Uth Plutihi he had stood in front of me, so I had no choice but to stay up, he called 9 then seemed to wait an eternity, he gave me a big grin then called 9 and a half, before 10 as everyone collapsed down to the floor.

Tomorrow the room will be rammed as all the intermediate folk forsake the lay in they have been getting all week to join us for the traditional Friday primary practice. 


2 Responses to “Sharath Day 5 – staying up longer in Ardha”

  1. V Says:

    Yo Kev, check your email.

  2. Maria Says:

    greetings from yoga thailand Kev! Hope ur final day at Sarath workshop went well, and you have been enjoying the week. I’ve been folllowing your posts – it sounds like you really have been working hard!
    I just arrived here – retreat begins with the welome on Sunday evening, so giving myself a day or two to acclimatize – my body is wrecked from 24hrs travelling. anyways its hot and sunny!

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