Sharath Day 6 The final countdown.

An amazing experience to be in a room with around 120 others for the final led Primary, we were joined by all the Intermediate people who have been getting a lay in all week, so the room was pretty jam packed. I thought I would just feel relief at having survived 6 very intense practices, but it wasn’t relief I felt at the end it was a sense of satisfaction and achievement tinged with disappointment that it was over. As far as practice goes it wasn’t the best one of the week, my mind was a bit in and out and I failed to get to the end of Ardha Sirsasana, coming down at 3. I did get a last assist in Paschimottanasana after the backbends. Sirsasana seemed much longer today, we speculated after that it was because there was no class following unlike the rest of the week

Sharath made the last Uth Plutihi an extra long one, or so it seemed, then he gave the usual instruction to “take rest”, but before anyone could settle down a spontaneous round of applause filled the room. He thanked us and told us I think, to just keep practising.

We are all small cogs, but we make an incredibly powerful whole, it’s been a wonderful experience of the Sangha coming together from London, the UK and further afield, the energy and shared joy in that room was something I didn’t expect, the Ashtanga community shares something which unless you are part of it is very hard to describe to “Muggles”. They can’t possibly know how the abdomen cries for relief in Navasana or the arms shake in Uth Plutihi or the sheer release of lying on your back in Savasana.

Thanks to everyone who took part this week, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, even though I am so going to enjoy not setting the alarm tonight!

After a little Savasana we got up and joined the queue to thank Sharath and have the traditional post workshop photo taken, thanks to Mel for mine, but thanks to Hamish and Anna for organising this week and of course to Sharath.

After such a bad to start to this year, the end of the year, touch wood, will be the complete opposite, I had no intention of doing this week with Sharath but am so glad I have. It certainly hasn’t put me off the journey to Mysore I am going to make in 7 weeks time. When I started this Mysore practice business with Cary two and a half years ago I had no desire to go to Mysore, but the seed was sown and events beyond my control made me think it was possible and once I realised that I wanted it circumstances seemed to arrange themselves so that with a little effort and belief on my part it’s going to happen.

See you in October Mr Sharathji.


18 Responses to “Sharath Day 6 The final countdown.”

  1. StEvE Says:

    Thanks for sharing the week on a day by day basis Kev. It was great sensing how you warmed to it over the week. You just wait ’til you get to practice Mysore-Style mate. It could well be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.

    p.s. Check out ‘Aloo dum Kashmiri’ (Sweet Potato curry) at 6th Main. You’ll soon forget about croissants. :o)

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Steve,

      I am surprised how much I enjoyed it, though it was hard work, no faffing, you do!

      I’m so looking forward to practising Mysore-style in Mysore and if his led class there is like here,there is nothing to fear.

      Can’t forget about post yoga Croissants πŸ™‚

      • StEvE Says:

        The worst part of led classes in Mysore (Primary ones), is getting a space. It’s attended by everyone who, as opposed to the Mysore style classes that are ‘shift based’. So, as soon as that door opens, mats hit the deck like rain hits the windscreen. If you’re slow you end up in the washroom (which actually isn’t as bad as it sounds).

        My tactic is to find a less desirable space and make a bee-line for it in the first instance. After all, no matter where you end up, you only get your mat space plus a couple of inches once it’s full. Sharath gets everywhere, he’s like an overly persistent wasp. There is no such thing as hiding when he’s on his home turf.

        I’m so envious of your October visit.

  2. daydreamingmel Says:

    Your picture with Sharath came out well, he’s got such a sweet smile in it, I was happy to be around to take it for you! And I can’t work out which day your main photo was taken but I know it wasn’t the last day from my outfit πŸ˜‰
    Steve sadly Kevin won’t go for the sweet potato curry tip but I am filing it away for my planned trip along with the led class tactics!!

    • Globie Says:

      Thanks for taking the photo, the main photo I think was Wednesday, day you were next to Amerjit.

      You never know Mel, my taste buds may be forced to branch out, though if I find somewhere doing Croissants and Pain au Raisin after practice I will be very happy.

      Steve thanks for the tip, so where abouts is a less desirable space? I imagine Sharath is different in his own domain

    • StEvE Says:

      Believe it or not, the washroom is pretty good, because there’s less chance of having an invasive neighbour, which can really spoil a good practice. (I once got a good kick in the kidney, and knocked over in Bhujapidasana, because some hero didn’t give a toss who was in the vicinity). Sharath does regular washroom checks so you can’t opt out of the long holds (he appears when you least expect it ’cause he has this weird way of throwing his voice so you think he’s still right over the far side!).

      Failing that, there’s a spot to the right of the stage, or there’s always the stage itself. I guess people don’t like those because there’s no carpet, and you can be pretty sore by Friday. They’re okay though. Note that this is only Friday and Sunday led classes. Tues-Thurs (Mysore days) you get given a space.

      • Globie Says:

        I think people who practice at AYL are more aware of their mat neighbours. Most teachers are good at turning up when you least expect it, Cary has it down to a fine art!

        I didn’t realise they give you a spot on the Mysore days, is there a finishing room of some kind or do you do everything including Savasana in the main room?

        I was thinking about the floor and carpets, been wondering if to drag my black mat to Mysore or just take my thin one and the Yogitoes.

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    I’d say if you want your “best ” mat anywhere, you want it in Mysore surely? It’s not like you’re travelling somewhere different every day so there’s no reason not to take a proper mat with you. Plus I think some people *have* mat awareness, some don’t, no matter where they practice – and it’s to do with their awareness of other people in life. Although of course I’m not speaking from experience, I think being given a space rather than choosing one is preferable anyway, as we get hung up and attached to spaces and places, and being told where to go is all a part of surrender. Just as long as you don’t get put next to someone who drives you nuts of course πŸ˜‰

    • Globie Says:

      Yes that’s true I havn’t got to lug it round like I normally do and from what Jaime said about the carpets a slightly heavier mat will be more stable, though think the Yogitoes will be essential in that heat.

      I suppose the chance of being next to the same person in Mysore must be small, so if they drive you nuts one day they won’t the next. Laughed the other day when someone I only know by sight from YP said she recognised me as I always take the same spot at YP!

      Some people in life have no awareness, I saw a youth with headphones walk into a blind guy with a white stick at Euston yesterday.

  4. StEvE Says:

    If your black mat is a heavy duty one, I wouldn’t travel with that. The book shops in the city are awesome for yoga books and really, really cheap so, travel light. Manduka Pro Lites are a nice compromise and they last for years.

    The protocol on Mysore practice days is that you turn up at your allotted time, less 15 mins ‘shala time’, and wait in the doorway, watch and enjoy. Then you’ll get the call (“One more”) and you take what’s available. After back-bending, you grab your mat and rug and retire to the washroom/changing area for finishing postures. Often people don’t take much rest until they go back to their abodes. After all, you’ve got about 22 hours for savasana if you want, you lucky devil.

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Steve,

      So the lighter mats are ok on the rugs?

      22 hour Savasana πŸ™‚

      • StEvE Says:

        Lite mats are absolutely fine. I like Yogitoes dimply rugs too and reckon they’re a good idea for the sitting postures onwards. It’s pretty intense & very hot. A regular sticky mat might become a slippy-mat, which ain’t a good idea if you want to work on your drop backs. At the end of the day it’s a matter of personal preference though.

  5. Globie Says:

    At AYL I actually start with the Yogitoes on top of the black mat, it seems to get slippy quite fast, so Prasaritas would be the point I need to put it down. Once damp the Yogitoes actually give good grip and I can walk my hands in further on the backbends than on the black mat.

    I think there should be a “towel mat vinyasa”, saw a few people this week put the mat towel down in lieu of a proper vinyasa after standing πŸ™‚

  6. V Says:

    Having a lie in is not such an advantage when it’s because you are facing a led Intermediate with Sharath!

  7. Helen Says:

    Well said v! πŸ˜‰

  8. Guy Says:

    Hey Kev,

    Your post really captures how special that last day of Sharath’s visit was. It was such a celebration! I shed a tear as I finally lay down to take rest.

    Have a great time in Mysore. I look forward to reading about your experiences there!

    Om Shanti,


    • Globie Says:

      Thanks Guy,
      It certainly felt like we were all sharing something special, you really had to be there.

      Mysore has been a long time coming, if it’s as enjoyable as this last week, then it should be a fab experience.

      Hope we get to meet again, maybe in Mysore


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