Setu Burning

Since Sharath a lot has happened, I turned 47, though I’m afraid I can no longer find Battenburg Cakes able to accommodate that quantity of Candles! I don’t feel any more decrepit than I did at 46 or 45, how many 47 years olds can do Urdva Dhanurasana anyway? And two more beautiful Birthday cards from Shala friends today 🙂

Marichyasana D is finally coming back on the first side as my left knee gradually improves, I have done it twice since Sharath. Practice has been a bit patchy since the Mysore main man was in town, a full practice Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and some second series backbend playtime on the other days, though I did actually follow the rules and take Saturday off after Sharath as it was my Birthday. As well as the slow return of Mari D, it’s been hard work getting the backbends back, doing 3 x UD with Sharath every day was hard, straight up, no faffing, but back in the real world extra UD’s, the walking in games and then the return of the Dropback/Standup experiments have been harder still, it took me 4 days to be able to stand up again from the Bolster and then one Block, pissing my shoulder off in the mean time trying. I worked out that it was having the hands too wide that was annoying my shoulder,but at least I worked it out before doing any damage.

Double Shala practice this weekend. TLC with just 4 people for P to adjust, lots of help, especially later on as just 2 of us went beyond Navasana after an oldish guy and a member of the House of Commons had bailed out! I like P, now she knows me she really is good at arriving at the right time, she had adjusted Mari C, so I figured I was on my own for D, I was really warm so decided to try for the Lotus, that was ok, so I put my arm round just to see how far I would get, not knowing P was waiting behind me, easily binding me with no pain in my left knee, first Mari D adjustment in over 3 months. Her piece de resistance is the Supta K Dwi Pada adjustment, no other Teacher I know does this in Primary, actually trying to get you to balance in Dwi Pada before the usual exit. She was really making me work today, assisted in the Upavistha balance, though left to play Pasasana on my own, no I couldn’t on either side! After a couple of UD against the wall I had pushed up into a free standing Urdva Dhanurasana and P was on me, almost lifting my hands off the mat with the strength of the assist. A few more with rocking then I surprised her as I went and collected 8 Blocks, I have never tried this at the Shala before and I could read the ” what is he up to?” look on her face as I made the 8 into 2 piles of 4, before I dropped back on to the mound and rocked back to standing. After 2 more she told me take away a layer and go again, an actual nod of approval as I came up, she then told me to come and do assisted ones,5 of those. A really enjoyable practice, I’m amazed how hot it got in there with just 4 of us. TLC may not be cheap, but on a Saturday you are not short of assistance.

Sunday back to YP at last, though only 3 weeks since I last saw Cary when she assisted Kino. New Pranayama class before the usual practice, I wouldn’t normally be able to attend, but as I stayed over in the city last night so I was able to be there. It’s a nice way to start the day, quietening the mind, finding the breath. YP was an oven, I can’t remember ever sweating that much in there. Practice feels easier the warmer it is and today was a pretty good one, Cary was on me as I expected, I would be rich if I had a pound for every time she has told me to look at the tip of my nose! Self bound Mari D on both sides today, fingers crossed my knee is almost better, loved Supta K in the slithery heat though slid off Bakhasana before I could jump back. And I was so slithery I decided to try and get my arms through in Garbha, well both went through, but only just beyond the wrist, but that’s progress. A lot of Urdva Dhanurasana, then rocking, though C said when I rocked I was looking up instead of at the floor, before I realised as I rocked she had come in front of me and got me standing from UD, then the usual dropback and assisted stand ups. Rubbish Sirsasana for some reason, I went over the top before managing to stay vertical, then my feet got adjusted, I seem to lose it when I get adjusted in that and when the teacher let’s go I realise I have allowed them to hold me up. But so nice to get the little neck and back manipulation in Childs pose, I’ve missed that. So two good Shala practices in a row.

Of course the biggest thing to happen since Sharath was not in practice, I finally gave my notice in at the Job, I have burned the Setu in favour of going to Mysore,a chapter of my life that was frankly making me unhappy and tired of life, to the point of those days not long ago when I was waking up swearing at a God I don’t believe in for not turning my Prana off, I can honestly say I had got to a point where I couldn’t care less if if I didn’t wake up, I had given up on life being worth the bother. It was people in the Cyber Shala as well as my real Shala friends who helped keep me going.Now hopefully being replaced by a period of joy as i head to Mysore, putting me first, doing something I want to do and changing my perspective of my life for the better. The dark Eeyore cloud is lifting, the light is brightening, just 36 days until I land in Mysore.


10 Responses to “Setu Burning”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’ve been quietly reading(lurking) your blog for years and I’m so so glad you have done this. Was in the same situation myself for 8 years and have never regretted leaving for one minute of the 18 months since. Don’t let anyone scare you about this, it is 100% the right thing to do and bugger the economy! Being in a job you hate casts a shadow over every other aspect of your life…..every weekend, holiday, celebration, relationship. Just not worth it. Should do wonders for your IBS too!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I wonder sometimes how many people lurk, but thanks for reading and following along.

      It was a strange feeling finally burning the Bridge, I expected to be elated, but I wasn’t, just doubts and fears, but I know it was the right thing to do and can’t wait to get to Mysore. Bugger the economy, until January at least

  2. Ursula Says:

    I’m happy that your job ends. This was overdue. You’ll survive. A vacuum does’t exist for long. Something better will keep you busy.

    I’m not yet reestablished. Nevertheless I enjoy my life and I’m still alive.

    I’m looking forward to your experiences in Mysore, only 36 days, this is nothing…:)

    • globie Says:

      Hi Ursula,

      I was talking about you just now!

      Yes a new chapter is coming, i hope Mysore will be a wonderful experience and what comes after who knows, Susan told me this morning new possibilities.

      36 days but lots to do

  3. politics of the hap Says:

    Hi Globie, just started reading your blog, as I too was at the Sharath workshop and it was great to read another perspective on the whole amazing experience. I am also heading to Mysore for the first time, and it seems we are going at the same time – I am flying out on 13th October. I had to comment on this post just because your comments really struck a chord in me. I too have just left my job, a PhD course, all to go to Mysore and like you say, put myself first for once. It is scary and there are no guarantees of what is going to happen – no safety net to fall back on. Just have to dive and see what unfolds…

    Hopefully see you in Mysore! x

  4. D Says:

    Happy belated birthday!! And good on you for finally burning the bridge. It’s scary but probably not as scary as trying to dropback and stand up, you think? 😉 I had my own ‘bridge burning’ episode a few years back too – best decision ever and I have no regrets. I’ve got a feeling that you won’t too.

    Loved your recaps of Sharath’s London workshops, as if I was there, now looking forward to your Mysore stories 🙂

    • globie Says:

      Thanks D, Birthday was a rest day after Sharath playing with the toy “Angry Birds” my sister got me 🙂

      After 8 years burning the Bridge felt like quite a big step, I knew I was going to do it, but handing over the letter felt like that Intense moment when youndropback, but I did it for a great reason and I have so much to look forward to over the next few months, it’s like a dark cloud got blown away to let the sun shine.

      Glad you enjoyed my Sharath posts, hope the Mysore ones are fun for you.

  5. Kristi Says:

    Congratulations on this new epoch in your life! I hope your trip to Mysore is fantastic and that life brings you much happiness thereafter. You deserve it!

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