Neuralgia & Practice

It’s been a bit of a strange week. For no good reason the Neuralgia Migraine Cluster Headaches have come back after an absence of 7 years, I really thought I was done with them and they were in the past, but slowly slowly over the last couple of weeks they have come back, now being a daily occurence sometime between 3am and Mid day, 2 hours of excruciating agony above my right eye as red hot tears pour. Stress, anxiety, trying to look at my PC screen in the new Office in bright sunlight, something has set them off and I know from past experience that like a Hurricane I just have to wait for them to blow themselves out, I just hope they have gone by the time my flight takes off for Mysore.

After double Shala Practice at the weekend, I have done full Primary’s Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, but I can feel how much the Migraine sessions have taken out of me each day. It’s been a slog, though the backbends are coming along niceley, after the first ropey Urdva Dhanurasana the following ones are good and after P’s comment the other week about how my dropbacks veer to the right, I have consciously been trying to “middle them”. Although I still have to work my way down I have managed to stand up every day from just the Block, I really want to try it off the floor, but I will wait for Sunday at AYL.

At least I already know it has to be AYL this week, late train from the sticks and no N-Line, so absolutley no point trying to kill myself getting to the East. L said the next time I did backbends with her she would try and get me to stand on my own, hope it happens.

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