New Local Shala



Our new local Shala had it’s official opening today, the Lady Mayoress turned up and we got to have a look around and meet Sian the acupuncture therapist who will be running the Treatment Room, i took advantage of her intro offer and booked an appointment for next Saturday in the hope that it helps these debilitating migraines. Last nights started at 9pm and didn’t abate until 1am, a little sleep and then it started again at 3am and my head was still splitting and eye still pouring as I stood in the queue at the Supermarket at 10am 😦

Practice has been decent the last 2 days despite the migraine, and as I type I’m feeling more alive after managing a full Primary, I started off just intending to do some Surya A’s and breathe, but it felt nice to stretch, amazing how good Downward dog feels as a Migraine abates and I just ended up doing it all.

This afternoon after my practice I treated myself to an hour on the massage therapists table, as usual she did wonders for my shoulder, back and that niggling sciatic Piriformis thing, though it was a tad uncomfortable at times as her thumbs and elbows did their work. She also seemed to be on a mission with my ITB’s, but after an hour I felt so much better, a shame I couldn’t be beamed directly from her table into my bed. “drink more water”, she says, though I’m not sure if she’s winding me up as she knows how much Tea i drink,that I should drink a glass of water for every cup of Tea to keep me hydrated. Sounds like “an old therapists” tale to me.


3 Responses to “New Local Shala”

  1. adam and theresa Says:

    Hi there, I’ve followed your blog for quite a while, so sorry it’s taken this long to actually leave a comment, but I was wondering as we’re looking for a space to teach mysore classes in, where the studio in the pics is and if they already have a mysore program? Looks lovely. I read you’re going to Mysore in October. See you there!

    • globie Says:

      Hi A & T,

      The Shala is in Hertfordshire, 23 miles north west of London, I don’t know where you are bssed or where you practice.

      Hope we meet in Mysore

  2. V Says:

    Adam, I might be able to help. Stop me in the shala, or I’ll try to remember to talk to you.

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