I tried Acupuncture for this Cluster headache problem 20 years ago, it wasn’t a great success and the Shiatsu I tried later did work to some extent. I hadn’t thought of trying it again until our new Local Shala opened it’s Therapy room and they were offering very cheap introductory sessions, so I figured I would give acupuncture another go, to see if a different Therapist 20 years later could come up with something different, or at least be the catalyst to break this cycle of intense pain.

Unlike 20 years ago the therapist went through a very detailed history and examination of pulses and Tongue, looking for what the underlying problem is. Some of her conclusions were not a surprise, that the after effects of the massive infection in January is still lingering, that the job and the changes coming up in my life, although positive are having an effect. She said my pulse was a little weak and my vital energy was deficient,so she finished the treatment with “Tonification” needling in the wrists, the needles go in and out, they are not left in. The left side felt almost numb, as if she had flicked my wrist with her nail, the right side was another matter, a sharp zinging sensation bringing me completely into the moment. Not a surprise as its the right side of my head that is the problem.

Like the therapist of 20 years ago she said the Liver imbalance is part of the problem, and also suggested that although my diet is not particularly unhealthy the reason sugar helps when I am coming out of a Cluster headache could be that my glycemic index is too erratic. She suggested that instead of my regular 3 meals, to instead eat a little less, but eat more often during the day so that the index stays more even. Yet another person telling me more water,less Tea.

She did the main needling on my back, some of the needles I barely felt, some felt sharp for a few seconds before settling, I think she used maybe 10 needles, then left me for a few minutes, I was present but a bit drowsy.

After the treatment she checked my pulses again, saying they were better, I am a born sceptic, so the jury is still out on whether acupuncture will help with what has become a chronic problem. I am going to have another treatment next week. Last night I escaped a full on headache, I hope and pray it’s on the way out, perhaps the thought of Acupuncture scared it off.


8 Responses to “Needles”

  1. Susie Says:

    Hey Kevin
    Hope the acupuncture works for you. Different things work for different people. I had acupuncture treatment a few years ago when I was going through chemo, and I always felt that it helped my body recover.

    And even if it’s not completely fixed by the time you leave for Mysore, I’m sure the whole Mysore experience will shake those headaches away!


    • globie Says:

      Hi Susie

      I just need something to break the cycle.

      I had another one in the night but it wasnt so severe. That’s been the pattern in the past, that it closes down at the same speed, so I hope by Mysore they are gone

  2. Laura Says:

    How about more water, same amount of tea.

  3. Ragdoll Says:

    Hope the needles are paying off. I am the world’s biggest sceptic, but one thing I do believe in is TLC, and having that sort of time and attention from someone would be very beneficial, even without the extra treatment & advice.

    Why do they want you to drink less tea?

    • globie Says:

      Hi R,

      Well I don’t know if it was the needles, but last nights 2am headache wasn’t as intense or long lasting. Her conclusions were what I expected, but I will try her theory of spreading my food intake out over the day, rather than the 3 hits with nothing in-between.

      They reckon Tea’s caffeine content and dehydrating effect, especially the quantity of Tea I drink are not helping.

  4. Ragdoll Says:

    Tea is rehydrating, not dehydrating. Although caffeine by itself is dehydrating, the amount in tea & coffee isn’t nearly enough to negate the fact that you’re getting a mug of water down with every dose. Though I agree that a constant intake can’t be good in terms of the other side effects of caffeine.

    Have you tried decaf, roobios etc? I’ve never liked black tea, so realise these may be anathema to you! In the cold weather I tend to alternate the lovely, lovely coffee with slightly less lovely peppermint tea and also (appropriately enough) yogi teas. I get them in our local international food shop, but I’m sure Holland & Barret (spelling?) sell them.

    • globie Says:

      I am a Tetley lover, PG if I’m desperate, but Tea is basically all I drink apart from some Apple juice at breakfast and a mug of water to get the Multivitamin tablets down. I appreciate the cumulative effect may have an effect. During the very bad IBS periods i did try Peppermint and sometimes Ginger, but it was a struggle and I would often only get half a cup down before I gave up.

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