First in a week


Second Sunday running the abysmal train companies train hasn’t arrived until past 8am, it’s a rubbish service. So again round the corner to AYL and an even longer wait to start than last week, the Sunday numbers at AYL seemed to have jumped since Sharath. Again starting in the finishing Room, getting through to Trikonasana before Louise called me in.

My first full practice in a week, not having been beyond Navasana with the Migraine problem since last Sunday. At the Shala it feels possible, the heat and focus do help, though changing rooms always throws me for a few poses. I found my foot for the second week running in Ardha Badha Padmot.

I took my time, I was a little concerned about my stamina, but only began to struggle after Supta K, which I managed to get myself pretzeled into without “help” 🙂

Both hands through my legs in Garbha, but not far enough through, I can’t get through further than the top of my wrists without my Lotus coming undone.

Surprisingly good backbends, 5 Urdva Dhanurasana’s then 4 dropbacks before help arrived, a bit of a backbend queue had developed which was nice because I got to play on my own. Standing up seems further away,mainly because I havn’t done much at home this week. Sirsasana was a worry, i don’t like the pressure on my head just now, I don’t want the Cluster headaches having an excuse, so I didn’t stay up long and abandoned Ardha


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