Needles part 2

I don’t know if Acupuncture has changed in 20 years or whether it’s having a different Therapist, but this is a different treatment. She started again with examining pulses and Tongue, then spent a while working her way up and down my arms and lower legs checking the energy channels, deciding where the needles would be most effective. Then it was needle time. “breathe in, breathe out” and in it goes, she explained that the ones I feel immediately are where the Chi is (too) strong, right arm and left leg, opposites, where as on the other sides she tweaked them for a minute or so before she got a reaction. Two particular needles had me jump, I felt them sharply go in then an electric zing below the point of entry. Some felt dull, I hardly felt them go in, no Chi, the object being to rebalance my Chi, she managed to induce a headache then it went. She tweaked a needle on one side and I reacted on the opposite side, weird. She removed the first 8 needles then concentrated some new ones just on the left to stimulate that side, leaving me for 10 minutes, this week i layed there in a spaced out state, as the ends of my fingers tingled and pulsed and my arm felt heavy. She checked my pulses again before taking the needles out.

It took me nearly 30 minutes to walk home and I spent the afternoon in a semi spaced out state, I just felt so tired. I am still a sceptic, had my strength of pulse improved, really? But I have just slept almost through a whole night and my head isn’t aching this morning, I just hope I have enough Chi in the right places to practice


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