Practice & more needles

I’ve been doing practice in the mornings since leaving work, it’s nice to have it done, though I am much stiffer in the mornings, but I seem to have more focus.Pasasana is definitely easier in the mornings, but backbends have gone off, not managed to stand up from one Block in a week. This mini Indian summer is helping, actually breaking sweat at home.

Final treatment from the Acupuncturist this morning. Some very sharp needles indeed, it felt like they had been specially sharpened, particularly the ones in my wrists and ankles, but today it was the left side ones which zinged, she says this is because the migraine cluster headache problem has been on the right and the Chi, Prana energy on the left was deficient and blocked, but now the flow is more balanced. First time she has put a needle in my head, i closed my eyes! She left the needles in for a while, but today i could feel the pulsing in the tips of both sets of fingers,not just one side.Even after she took the needle out of my wrist I could still feel the sharp sensation. She then again took the first set out and put in some specific needles, in my left toe, ankle and arm, the ankle needle seemed to radiate, as when she tweaked it I felt the sensation in my knee, I almost jumped off the table when she tweaked the arm needle, there is no build up of sensation, you feel it sharply go in, then a dullness, then nothing as she tweaks, them suddenly owww a very sharp sensation again and pressure, like a pocket of something stuck suddenly releasing.

I am still a skeptic, but I am sure it’s helped to break the cycle of the Cluster headaches. I am getting to sleep now, she said I seem brighter and more alert and my pulses are balanced again. I asked what she thinks is the cause of this recurrence after 9 years, her answer “Stress” on top the infection in January. She said I need to find a way of not bottling things up, find a way to release the mental pressure and stress, talk to someone, discuss my feelings, not something I am generally open to. How do you find someone to talk to who will not be judgemental and impartial and offer advice? She also said diet and exercise, obviously Ashtanga 2 hours most days is the exercise, but I have fallen a little from the no wheat wagon while the migraines have been so intense, comfort eating my way to (some) sleep.

I am discharged now, so I hope things settle down before the plane takes off for Mysore.


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