Last YP practice until next year.

Completely unseasonal temperatures in London this weekend, good training for doing practice in the heat of Mysore. TLC practice began with just 2 students to one Teacher, but eventually ended up with 6 of us for Philippa to 
Prod and push. Lots of assists in standing along with Mari D and her super Dwi Pada out of Supta Kurmasana. Despite being warm the backbends were not great, to the point that I never got the chance to play dropbacks on my own, P intervening and doing assisted ones. My body seems to be finding ways to slow me down and stop me pushing my practice 

Saturday afternoon I ran the Travel Club for the last time until next year, I have done it now for over 10 years, I got asked to give a talk on Mysore when I get back, I havn’t even left yet! One of the speakers was a lady who has done amazing things since she divorced, sailing around the world, visiting the arctic, she said it’s about believing you can do things, quoting Goethe who said “Once you commit the universe helps you achieve”, that seems to be how Mysore has been for me, from being an idea, something I hoped to do sometime, but once I realised how much i wanted to do it and how much i knew i would regret not going, once i committed and starting making proper plans the universe seems to have moved to have made it happen, even the illness in January which forced the trip back to better time of year.

Practice back at YP for the first time in a month, though no Cary today. It wasn’t just hot in there today, I was dripping after a couple of Surya A’s. I never seemed to “wake up” today, usually at some point, usually Surya B or a little way into standing, I suddenly focus and am present, but today I seemed to stay in the semi awake state with the heat gradually draining me of energy.  I am back to binding the first side of Mari D and struggling with the second side. The drenching conditions made Supta K easier and I got my arms a bit further through in Garbha, though the right arm seems to go through further than the left and if I try to equal it up by shoving the left through, the Lotus comes undone. By this point I was a spent force, energy deficit kicking in as even my towel mat becoming slippy with the rivers running off every bit of me. It took me a while to push up into the first Urdva Dhanurasana, I managed another 4, each better, but none great. I wondered how dropbacks would go,S left me to play, though she spent ages watching me as I safely landed half a dozen, then came and did all the assisted ones, like P a while back she had noticed my tendency to drop back favouring them right side, though it doesn’t feel like it to me, but it must be pronounced for 2 Teachers to see it. Closing was slow, it took me over 2 hours to get to Savasana, not the last practice at my Shala I had hoped for, it was just nice to get to the end. The next time I practice at YP it will be January.

This afternoon I took in the “Mind,Body,Spirit” Show, well at least I didn’t have to buy the entry ticket!


2 Responses to “Last YP practice until next year.”

  1. StEvE Says:

    Not a single mention of headaches. Good!

    (or as Sharath will say when you do something well … “Goott!”)

    • globie Says:

      Hi Steve

      Yes the Cluster headaches seem to be under control now, still getting less intense ones but definitely under control now and hopefully gone by next Monday

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