Both arms through!

Back on the mat after yesterday’s rest day, that started with A giving me my holiday haircut, then an hour on the massage therapists table, mainly she worked on my stiff lower back, the sciatic thing and the rigid IT Band.

Practice today was a plod through Primary, no playing, no extras, my lower back is still stiff and in the chill of autumn doesn’t help, I barely broke sweat.

Garbha with new technology today, a spray bottle, instead of tipping bottles of water over me and my mat, a far more accurate watering of arms and legs. First attempt, right arm first, which went through, left hand through further than before about 3/4 of the way up the wrist before getting stuck. As this was another slight improvement I just wondered what would happen if I criminally tried left hand first? Reset my Lotus and lifted up again and the left went through beyond the elbow, I thought the right hand wasn’t going anywhere, but after a wriggle suddenly the right arm began to go through and even further, so that both arms were beyond the elbow and I could touch my head. The balance didn’t last long, I rolled back and was stuck, beached on my back like a Beetle, just when you think you have it cracked ! I couldn’t get any momentum to begin to rock round or to push up into Kukutasana. I suppose I had better not get into the left first habit, but at least it proves Garbha is possible.


7 Responses to “Both arms through!”

  1. Maria Says:

    Good on ya Kevin. The rolling comes, but I found its really all about strong even breathing on the rolling part. For me, the breath really helps the roll much more. At the begining I was really forcing and pushing up, and just falling back, and constatnt letting stuck. But doing it with the breath really engaging, and “lifting” through the pelvis as you rock n roll minimizes the beaching….. 🙂 good work, and well done

    • globie Says:

      Hi Maria,

      I was surprised to get both arms through to touch my head.

      So I presume you inhale on the up rock?

      2 more practices then off to Mysore

  2. StEvE Says:

    When you put your arms through, are your palms facing up, or down?

    I was taught to go in with palms facing DOWN and hands like arrows. Then, as you turn the palms up once they’re through, the pushing and twisting motion is greatly helped by the profile of your forearm muscles and it all kind of slips through and feels really natural.

    Rocking though, that was another story for me, and my house-brick of a sacrum. I was assisted for ages and ages, then out of the blue one day, it just happened. “All is coming”, slowly in some cases!

    • globieKevin Says:

      Hi Steve,

      My palms are face down when I stick them through. At what point do you turn them over, when just the hands are through or not until more of the wrist is?

      I was stunned my arms went through that far today, especially on such a cold day, rocking will be phase 2, whenever thats coming!

      In Mysore does everyone take in their own spray bottle for Garbha, or do they have loads laying around?

      • StEvE Says:

        Twist as soon as your hand is through, just as if you were going to scoop a handful of sand from under you.

  3. D Says:

    That’s awesome Kevin! The rocking will come, and like Maria says, the breathing definitely helps – exhale down, inhale up. Try rocking on the spot first, without doing the turns, for a few practices, then introduce the turning once you’re comfortable with the whole arrangement. It took me a few months of ‘on the spot’ rocking to finally bite the bullet and start turning, and even today, I still beach occasionally like a dead bug 😉 But all is coming!

    • globie Says:

      Hi D,

      I will try breathing next time. Once I was bound up I couldn’t find a way to get the rocking momentum going. Need to get the arms through regularly now, though glad I’m off to Mysore where it’s warm, cos autumn has arrived here.

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