4:30 !!

So finally I am registered and have my little card, but when Sharath said “4:30 Sunday”, I said “afternoon?” he laughed and said “Morning” a big grin over his face, at least he gets the banter, but always has the last laugh! Before you see Sharath you are met by a receptionist with a Mac book who confirms your confirmation and gets you to fill in another form, staples the visa and passport copies to the back and hands you a Pritt stick to stick the mug shot on with. I met a couple of AYL faces while registering. It took me a while to find the office, I went in Saraswati’s by mistake to begin with, Sharath certainly has the nicest office and has a counting machine for the fee. I thought it was the mega bendy people who got start times in the middle of the night, not the geriatric, stiff people like me. It was lovely to walk into the Shala, rugs on the floor, photos of Guruji decorating the walls.

The rest of the day has been like this.

The morning

I had a plan that if I woke at 5am or so with the jet lagged sleep that I would practice, i was actually woken at 8am by a horn honking crazy Rickshaw driver, so I’m hoping that my body clock isn’t actually going to take long to get with the program.
After breakfast I went looking to change money, neither of the Banks in Gokulam will change foreign currency, one of them directed me to their city Branch. I walked to the city, to stretch my legs and get my bearings, but despite finding the address I had been given I couldn’t find a Bank. Every time you think you have found a Bank it turns out to just be an ATM. Eventually I found a Bank, the Syrian, Catholic Bank, who told me to go to the Thomas Cook a few doors down and at last I managed to change enough to pay the Shala registration and some more to keep in Roti’s.


The Coconut Stand
The Rickshaw dropped me at the Coconut stand where I spoke to my first fellow students, 2 girls from the islamic republic of Iran, would you believe in shorts and t-shirts. Though they are not practising at The Shala.


The Electric Puja cupboard.

The Afternoon
After finding the electric Puja cupboard that S commented about and a siesta I got on my mat and did a stiff practice, stiff after 2 days off and the travelling, but surprisingly got both arms through in Garbha and finger touched both sides of Pasasana when I wasn’t really trying. My backbends are still pretty off, but hopefully over the coming days in this heat I will loosen up and start to be able to walk the hands in again. It took me over 2 hours, but that’s ok it’s what I’m here for after all.

After registering which was surprisingly quick and easy I went to find Easy Day, it’s a supermarket, but foreigners seem to get their own personal shopper, I was wandering, seeing what they had, but my “Minder” kept asking what I wanted, eventually it was easier just to tell her and let her lead me round, towel, washing powder, Tea (real), Soup, bread, water, apple juice etc.

Thunderstorm this evening, so hope this blog post works as the power keeps flickering.


Nice cake shop


12 Responses to “4:30 !!”

  1. StEvE Says:

    I think 4:30 Sunday, is for the led primary Kev. Then it’s led intermediate, which you can normally watch if you want to.

    Has he written a different start time on your card? If so, that’s your start time for the self-practice days.

    • globie Says:

      Just re-checked card says 4:30 eeeek!

      I wonder if there is led intermediate, as nobody will have done their Primary only month with him first?.

  2. Ursula Says:

    Yepeee, the coconut stand.

    This is why I appreciated to practice with Saraswathi. She starts later. My practice started at 7am…..:)

    Enjoy. 🙂

  3. Ursula Says:

    Close to the restaurant Green Leaves is a bank. I draw money with my credit card.

  4. grimmly Says:

    God, there already had wanted to wish you a good flight. So great to read this Kevin. Don’t know what it is but I can kind of relate more to seeing things through your eyes, something to do with being a guy, and English ( the reserve perhaps ) and having had Mysore hanging over us for a similar amount of time… don’t know what it is but will be looking forward to your posts. Good luck tomorrow morning.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks G,

      I don’t start with Sharath until Sunday, but will be practising in my residence.

      I am settling in and getting my bearings, well I found chocolate and cake shops so that’s a good start.

  5. susananda Says:

    Nice post!!! Like the look of the cake shop 🙂

    I imagine people will turn up who are already doing 2nd series with Sharath and there’ll be led.

    I’m kind of looking forward to doing primary, but need to nail that stupid supta k entry, haha!

    • globie Says:

      Cake shop is nice, they do ice cream as well if you want that.

      There don’t seem to be many people around.

      I wonder what reaction I will get to my Supta K entry tactic, that’s if I havn’t been stopped before that!

  6. susiegb Says:

    Ooh – so exciting Kevin! I remember reading Alan Little’s ‘blog’ from Mysore – probably the first one. And it was soo inspiring – I’m thinking this is going to be the same …

  7. Pat Moore Says:

    So I have to ask: what is “real” tea?

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