Practice and things I noticed.


Nibbled in the night by something, glad I have my anti bite zapper, but by then I was wide awake. So on my mat at 7:30am, rivers of sweat pouring down my legs by 7:32. Practice seemed easier today, my mind was certainly quieter, even if the traffic noise outside wasn’t. Starting to rediscover the length in my limbs and strength in the muscles. A much more flowing practice, Garbha P was fun, both arms through properly, wobbly balance as I for the first time ever got my hands to touch my head before rolling back beached against the end of the bed! Backbends are slowly coming back, better UD’s and one dropback, the heat is doing good things, I notice I am not quite so stiff when I wake up.

By the time I got to the Cafe it was busy, yogi’s are beginning to arrive.


After a very leisurely breakfast I wandered round to the Shala to take some photos. Opposite the entrance are a pair of concrete seats, I put my camera on 10 second timer looking across the street to the Shala and ran across to be in the shot under the sign, as I ran across Sharath sauntered down the road and laughed when he saw what I was doing.

You see some funny things here, 2 doors up is a Bank, as I was sitting on my Balcony I saw two guys come out with one of those metal money containers, they jumped into a waiting Rickshaw and sped off in a cloud of exhaust fumes, Securicor it wasn’t. I had visions of the Rickshaw being held up by a gang of armed robbers!


I was taking photos of the traffic from my balcony, I saw a family on a Scooter, small child at the front, driven by Father with the Mother on the back, they saw me taking the photo and so I could get a better shot they did a U-Turn and came past again laughing and waving! One thing I have noticed is that the Driver, usually the man sometimes wears a crash helmet, but wife and kids riding pillion never do!


I decided to go for a wander this afternoon and ended up taking afternoon Tea at the posh Green Hotel, I had their speciality Cinnamon Toast and Tea in a pot, though the sugar lumps were nowhere near LPQ standard!


On the way back I popped into the supermarket for some emergency chocolate buying, when I came out the sky was weird, like a storm was coming but with the sun on the cloud.


14 Responses to “Practice and things I noticed.”

  1. StEvE Says:

    Did you go inside the Green Hotel, to the tea room at the back? The cakes are awesome & really good service. Many people don’t venture inside, but it’s well worth it.

    Mysore Zoo is a nice half day out while you are waiting for the shala schedule to kick off. Surprisingly peaceful and quiet. Very cheap and loads of wide open space. It’s huge.

    Anu’s Cafe is a great lunchtime buffet, usually with a really nice, sweet dessert.

    I always think the local diet makes and extraordinary difference to your practice, along with the heat and general satsang.

    Nice to share your trip Kev. Thanks!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Steve,

      Makes a change for us both to be in almost the same time zone.

      I didn’t realise about that part of the Green Hotel, I just went in the part by the Garden. Will go there again no doubt, wasn’t overly impressed by the Cinnamon toast , so will look out for the cakes next time.

      I don’t know where the days are going, practice, breakfast , read, snooze, a little explore.

      I tried Anu’s the other day, but G said they are not opening for another week or so. I really like Anoukhi for breakfast, a nice accidental discovery, they always seem the best ones.

      Glad you are enjoying my ride.

  2. Ursula Says:

    Wonderful. I spent my first nights at Green Hotel. I see you’ve a good time….:)

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    I wonder if Sharath remembered you as the one taking the sneaky pictures in London too… 🙂

  4. Nobel Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in Mysore so far, Kevin. I’m very happy and excited that you are there 🙂

  5. V Says:

    Anu’s banana and chocolate cake: Best.Thing.EVER.

  6. Pat Moore Says:

    You look so happy there!

  7. Claudia Says:

    Hmmm love reading about the heat and the wondering around Mysore… sweet

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