A full day

I slept better last night but woke with a cold, hope that goes quickly. I don’t know how it’s even possible at 4:30am,but the Shala was even hotter today. Standing seem to go really fast, but at ground level for seated it was even hotter, so much for those science lessons where they told us cooler nearer the ground as hot air rises! My mindset has changed knowing there is a 99% chance of being stopped at Garbha, I am subconsciously putting in more effort, though with the cold I was getting dehydrated and running out of energy after binding Mari D. Legs like jelly in Navasana, some days that pose is too much. I fell out of the Bakasana exit from Bhuja, unseen LOL.

So today we get to Garbha P. Like yesterday I stick my arms through, you don’t need spray bottles when you have torrents pouring down every part of your body, even though Sharath walks round with one just in case. He didn’t tell me to stop like yesterday, but he got my arms through further and then used me as a spinning top, we got back to the front before the rest of the room, then ping he nudged enough to get me up and balanced in Kukutasana on my own without him needing to hold me. Then he did the cross arm signal, now you stop. But that’s a little more progress 🙂

While I waited along with the rest of the stopees, I sat on my knees trying to do mini backbends so that UD wouldn’t hopefully be as dire as yesterdays. While the room did the vinyasa after Setu B, Sharath told us to lay down for closing. Well UD was better, but my mat lacks traction, yes even my yogi toes in that heat gets slippery. At least I didn’t disgrace myself in Sirsasana today, managing the 15 count and up to 3 of Ardha, but came down with control not taking anyone else out. Sharath counts the last counted breathing postures quite fast, I think he does this so he can count Uth Plutihi veeeeeery veeeeeeeery sloooooooowly! As we got up from Savasana the second batch were waiting to take our places, too many Ashtangi’s in town for just one class. A second day running I have risked a coconut, I hope it’s doing me good, still not enamoured with the taste.


Anokhi we discovered was closed today, so along to Santosha, L persuading me to try a watermelon juice, it would have been better without “bits” is all I can say! The Santosha Granola is wonderful, Tea and toast not quite as good as up the road. They have their own cute mugs too.

After breakfast it was time to start the extra caricular activity of chanting. This is also done on Shala time which caught a few people out. We were given 3 sheets to help follow the call and response, as well as the opening Mantra I recognised quite a few of the chants from Kino and Dena. The third sheet had the primary and second series poses, interesting to hear how they pronounce them. The chanting class only lasts 30 minutes.


Walking back I spotted this graffiti art, has Banksy been to Mysore?

R&R working out the washing machine, beats hand washing in the bucket at least. Still no drinking water, they are supposed to deliver, we tried to call them and even went to the shop but I think we are going to end up dragging a barrel up here.


A full day, back to the Shala at 4:15 for the Sanskrit lesson, 15 vowels, even Carol Vorderman would have trouble sussing this out! Most of the letters look like “3” with a “T” and some other squiggle! Mine is more like a “sanscrawl”.After Sanskrit it’s Gita and Hatha yoga pradipika class. About 20 of us have signed up.

So my days are becoming fuller, but fun, just need the water guy to show up so I can make Tea.


12 Responses to “A full day”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Hm, I miss those santosha breakfasts! Good thing you slept better! 🙂

  2. V Says:

    How come there was a led class on a Monday?

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    Oh i was going to ask the same as V! do you know how long he’s doing that for?

  4. Ursula Says:

    You write so nicely. It’s a joy to read. 🙂

  5. D Says:

    “Sanscrawl” – hahahaha, you’re too hard on yourself.

  6. susananda Says:

    Good job on the fruit juices Kev!! 😀
    Cocnut has magical properties, you won’t go wrong.

    Good progress in garbha too! With the sweat and him helping you, you will get it.

    Can’t wait to be doing Sanskrit classes!! 😀

    • globie Says:

      Hi Susan,

      Still not struck on the coconuts, resorted to a Dioraltyte after practice today as I still have this cold.

      The sweat and humidity help a lot with Supta K and Garbha though I slid off my legs in Bhuja

  7. susiegb Says:

    Maybe it’s heretical, but I really have no interest in sanskrit (or sanscrawl!) classes. However, I would definitely enjoy the chanting ones – specially if they’re only 30 minutes !

    Really enjoying your take on Mysore life Kevin … I’m too sick to do anything at the moment, but I feel like you’re keeping me in touch!!

    • globie Says:

      I’m just doing Sanscrawl for a month, just for fun. Chanting is interesting, he jumps around a lot, you hear a lot of mumbling!

      Get well soon

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