Garbha Pass


Our first day of “proper” Mysore practice after 3 days of led. Around 35 others seem to have the golden 4:30am time slot. I wasn’t sure what to do, to wait for Sharath or just start, but nearly everyone started so I followed. I was on my Surya B’s by the time S called us to Samasthitihi to chant. I still have this freaking cold, despite coconuts, Paracetamol and Dioralite it won’t go, but I hope the torrents of sweat are washing the lurgy out of my system.

We seem to have ended up with a little AYL-London corner, as both A & T seem to be creatures of habit like me and seem to end up in the same place each day.

Standing were solid in my own time, adjusted by one of the assistants, there were 2 people assisting, in Trikonasana and by Sharath in UHP. By seated I could see the queue building up in the Foyer, so perhaps the are some advantages to being in the first group to start. I couldn’t believe how fast some people practice, by the time I got to the Janu’s people were doing drop backs. One guy was faffing around doing what for him are probably his usual warm ups, Sharath came behind him and just said “you start”!. Marichyasana D Sharath watched me, then came behind me to check I was actually bound, I was, it’s a lot easier in this heat. I got into Kurmasana and was doing Supta, but then Liz, the Australian assistant, came and put me in it and lifted me up, before I exited.

So we come to what has become the main event, Garbha Pindasana, Sharath was adjusting someone in the next row, but I could sense him watching me also at the same time as calling for “one more” from the Foyer to join the party. Arms through all the way, check, arse balance with hands touching head, check, roll around a bit and get beached, check, somehow manage to extricate myself upright and into Kukutasana, just as Sharath looks across and nods approval. So I give him a questioning look with my feet in the position for Baddha Konasana? He comes over and asks if I bound both feet and hands in Supta K, yes I did, he asks Liz and she confirms I did it. He says do Garbha P again then carry on. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I passed! πŸ™‚

Rest of seated for the first time in 4 days, the bum balances were a bit ropey. So backbends in my own time at last, walking in on Urdva Dhanurasana, a couple of extra ones, then I stood up and started hanging and then did a couple of safe drop backs, they are still there I’m glad to say. I was standing again doing cross arm hang backs when the other assistant arrived and did assisted ones. So good to have my complete practice back.

The Shala was rammed, lots of people waiting now, so Shoulderstand to the end was done in the changing room, so others could start. Practice didn’t seem to be that much longer, despite re inserting asanas post GP. It felt like a good practice, but would be so much better if my nose would stop running. I just hope tomorrow’s Garbha is up to scratch.


After breakfast it was chanting class again, though the best part was afterwards, when I ran into a friend of Mel’s and Denise who was the wonderful Teacher in Singapore two Christmases ago.


We made a little shopping trip to the More megastore, it has everything, even the Monk shops there.


There are some great street adverts here.


And a very yellow house



14 Responses to “Garbha Pass”

  1. StEvE Says:

    I’m knackered after reading that superb practice report; I might have to take a rest day now. (just kidding!) ;o)

    Excellent write-up Kev and well done with Garbha P. You’ll get daily help with coming to standing now, so you’ll be flying mate. Again, well done.

    • globie Says:

      Ha ha enjoy your rest Steve.

      They only seem to three supported half hang backs, then one actual dropback with you. I didn’t realise this, so tomorrow I will play around on my own a bit longer.

  2. Ursula Says:

    I remember all the places.

    I’m happy for you that you could move on. Yeah, in India things change fast….:)

    Get well soon…..:)


  3. wanderingmb Says:

    I’m enjoying the updates. Congrats on practice progress. So… (I just started reading your posts) they kept stopping you after Garbha P because you weren’t popping up into Kukkutasana? I think I’d be forever held back at SuptaK!

    • globie Says:

      Stopped at Garbha because in led I didn’t have the time to get my arms far enough through. In self practice I can take my time and do a much better impression of Garbha P.

  4. Pat Moore Says:

    I figured it wouldn’t take long…..

  5. D Says:

    Yay! Congrats on being moved on. Perhaps the sniffles are just your body acclimatising to India? I hope it goes away soon.

  6. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    It’s great to hear about your journey in Mysore and how happy you are. I’m enjoying reading along.

    Best wishes,

    • globie Says:

      Hi Helen,

      Seems a long time ago since that Sunday when I was picking your brain in Pret.

      You were the one who said to me once you committ then the universe will move.

      It’s amazing to be here, making a dream into reality.

  7. bibi Says:

    Congrats on passing the Garbha P hump! It’s really fun to read how your Mysore adventure is going, you’re the first one who’s actually managed to make a brief thought of going there myself cross my mind – though I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon. How long are you staying, by the way?

    Have fun!

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