Feeling better

I am feeling a lot better today, a day of napping and doing nothing much seemed to improve things a lot. I could still do with a whole nights sleep, woken by lightening at 1am. When the alarm went off I was deeply asleep, typical. But I decided to go to practice, knowing no drop backs would be involved and kinda hoping I would get stopped and could have a mini break before closing. No such luck, bound everything got to Garbha, arms through, balanced with hands on head, started to try and rock round, got clobbered by my neighbour and ended up beached, I tried oh so hard to get up again as Sharath stood over me counting and looking down at me laughing, I thought he was going to stop me, but no he just rocked me round and got me up into Kukutasana and let me carry on. After practice I didn’t feel wiped out as I walked home, so I think I am getting better, though I’m glad it’s Saturday tomorrow and I can sleep in. It was also great to practice next to my friend Caroline who arrived with her husband and two beautiful baby’s yesterday.

I actually met someone from Baltimore at breakfast, I had this impression from The Wire that nobody got out of that place alive. She said her area is ok but alarmingly the show was very near the truth in the way it showed the city. Will cross that off my wish list of places to visit!

We had another power cut today, “power outage” as my flatmate L terms them, I’m worried I’m going to be speaking American by the time I go home. I wonder if the increase in power cuts is due to all the yoga students who turn up and start plugging in Phones, Laptops, IPads etc, it can’t be my Tea Kettle that is overloading the Mysore electric grid.


After breakfast and Chanting we visited Silver Nest, a tiny Jewellery shop in a House a block across from the Shala. Should make present buying easy as apart from my Dad all my relatives are female!


The shop just happens to be in the same street as the Chocolate shop, so today I tested the White chocolate, OMG that was so good, I may have to go and get another one later. There was a Cow hanging out at the chocolate store, not the Milka cow!


Next door to the chocolate store is the delightfully named circulating Library.


4 Responses to “Feeling better”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    That’s so funny about the Wire. My yoga buddies in Leeds couldn’t get enough of that show but I’d never seen it.
    Glad you’re on the mend. I hope you continue to feel better.

  2. yogicaroline Says:

    I feel I should clarify that it wasn’t me who knocked into you in garbha! I made sure my ‘turning circle’ was as small as possible and timed rocks to avoid the heads of my neighbours. 🙂

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