The Zoo, where we become an attraction!

My first day off practice in 10 days, a decent sleep, breakfast bonus of chocolate orange muffins along with the toast and granola.

A rest day, though in some ways it wasn’t, but it was fun. Three Ashtangi’s took a ride to the Zoo, I havn’t been to a Zoo in years, but as I’m giving a lecture on Mysore in January I figured I had better take in the sights so I don’t bore them to death with yoga.

The strange “Indglish” signs start as you enter, after you pay four times as much as the locals to get in plus a fee for having a camera, though weirdly they don’t make you pay for mobile phone cameras.

Some of the birds are very colourful, though the aviary’s seem extremely old which makes taking photos through the fencing difficult


Some of the birds are very colourful, though the aviary’s seem extremely old which makes taking photos through the fencing difficult. After the birds you get to see Tigers, one of whom seems to be sponsored for life by Mr Iyengar of all people.



Some of the animals seemed to be “out” or more likely sleeping, but some like the Sloth Bears were hanging out in the sunshine


Much of the Zoo is very old and it looks like it, there are chain gates between some of the enclosures and some of the animals don’t seem to have much space to play, but the signs just crack me up.



After walking the nearly 3km round the Zoo we sat down for a break, but then we became the attraction as seemingly every bunch of locals exiting the park seemed to want either a photo with us or of us, one guy took 2, so I said ” that’s 20 rupees!”


Tired and thirsty we took a ride to The Green Hotel and managed to spend quite a while having tea and cakes in this lovely colonial was a fun day and after going nowhere with the lurgy this week it was nice to get out and explore in good company with Laura and Caroline. Just hope practice isn’t too hard in the morning.



6 Responses to “The Zoo, where we become an attraction!”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    Nice that you got to see a few things. What’s the saying? All work and no play makes Jonny a something….

  2. Ivana Says:

    good to read about you settling in. i hope you are feeling better.
    maybe you should do a video or two – it’d be nice to hear the noises that are – i am guessing – so colourful and essential in depicting india 😉 looking forward to reading more 😉 all best from london ~ ivana x

  3. Kristi Says:

    I love the “Don’t let them know you evolved from them” sign. Like it’s a big secret we are keeping from the monkeys rather than an admonition not to behave like one 🙂

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