So where have I been since Sunday? Mostly in bed but not sleeping is the answer. Sunday evening we got caught out in a thunderstorm while going for dinner. The intense rain left me shivering and feeling sick again. After dinner I went to bed but I have not really slept, getting up every few minutes in the night to visit the little room at the end of the bed.

Monday I did a full practice, god knows where I got the energy from, though I finished on Urdva Dhanurasana before closing. Back home and slept till early afternoon. I dragged myself out for dinner with Laura and Bella, just a potato Parantha.

Another night of uncomfortably lying on my bed, then when I am fast asleep the alarm goes off. I went to practice but felt grim, I kept having to take breaks, I got as far as Mari C then thought I’m not doing any good being here. I looked at Sharath and said “I’m sick”, he just gave me a nod of acknowledgment before calling “one more” to fill my spot. I had hardly produced a bead of sweat. I went into the changing room for a 20 minute Savasana before heading home. At least I tried.

I have actually only had one good Mysore practice since i got here, last Wednesday when I did dropbacks, Thursday I passed out doing dropbacks and Monday and Tuesday this week have been dire.

Diwali moon day tomorrow, so a day like today of doing not much, hopefully by Thursday morning things will be better.


25 Responses to “Struggling”

  1. Maria Says:

    Get well soon Kevin. From what I hear – everyone gets sick at least once during their trip. So lucky for you its early on in ur trip – so u’ll be at full throttle b4 u know it!

    • Globie Says:

      Thanks Maria,
      I’m hoping resting today & tomorrow will help. Just been to the Supermarket to get some Soup and Bread. The guy at the checkout looked at me and asked how long I had been in Mysore, he said everyone gets this chest thing when they first arrive.

  2. V Says:

    Hey Kevin, if I can offer some unsolicited advice, don’t keep track of good practices, bad practices, etc (and I know how tempting it is because I do it all the time). You are in Mysore, every time you step on the mat is a triumph over the alternative of the Labour Camp, just look after yourself and let Mysore do its magic. It just might take some time, that’s all.

    • Globie Says:

      Hello V,
      I wasn’t really counting, just realising that I have only managed my full practice once. I’m unbelievably happy to start making Garbha work, even if Sharath laughs at me. I think his humour is lost on some who dont have English as their first language and Americans who take everything literally!

      Even being sick and having a crap practice in Mysore is better than waking up and only having 8 hours in that place to look forward to.

      • V Says:

        English is not Sharath’s first language either, so I’m sure other non-native speakers will get him just fine 😉

  3. Claudia Says:

    Kevin, you just taught me something. I know it may sound silly on me but I never thought of telling Sharath “i’m sick’, of ‘owning it’ and going home. Thank you for the lesson.

    Feel better. I know feeling sick is no fun, been sick for 9 weeks myself but slowly coming back!

  4. daydreamingmel Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon kevin, and well done as Claudia said for knowing when to call it a day. What’s the picture of? Why fear, I am here – I love it!

    • Globie Says:

      The picture is inside the Rickshaw we got back from the Supermarket. The top line got cropped but says “help ever hurt never”

      I’m hoping a moon day doing not much will help, I just knew I was going to keel over if I didn’t stop

  5. mzck Says:

    Please see a doctor.
    It’s not good to mess around with being sick in India.
    Westerners get dehydrated quickly and easily, and then end up being hospitalized. It’s not pleasant. Please take care of yourself by seeing a doctor.

    Read this:

  6. Wayne Says:

    Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Kev – hope you feel better soon!

  7. chaiboyandlotusgirlinindia Says:

    Hope you are better by the time you read this Kev. Yes, each time upon arrival in India, my husband falls ill. Never fails…so it has to do with the change I am sure of that.
    Resting is your best bet, it will pass…but do listen to your body and Take Rest~

    • Globie Says:

      Thanks Tracey,
      I seem to be susceptible to chest infections and I think the pollution and stuff here doesn’t help. I have tried to stay inside. I know I’m not the only one to have a problem, but it does seem to be hitting us Mysore virgins rather than those who have been before.

  8. Ragdoll Says:

    Get well soon! I really hope Maria is right and that this is just your ‘turn’, and hopefully your immune system will only be stronger for the rest of the trip.

    I also second that you should see a doctor. The worst is that you will have a wasted trip.

    When we have a flu epidemic, (or suspected meningitis one time) we ask the students to set up a buddy system – they should ask at least one friend to check in on them a couple of times a day, even if it’s just a text. So I’m asking you to do the same! Otherwise, people can be reticent to disturb someone who they suspect might just be having a good sleep. But with a formal arrangement, they can decide if a text goes unanswered for more than 30 minutes it’s time to get round there and bang on the door.

    It’s good to know you have friends out there already.

    • Globie Says:

      It’s the kind of thing that at home would just mean a day or two off work, certainly not something I would try and see a Doctor for. The annoying thing is I got rid of it once, then it came back.

      My flatmate looks out for me, so I’m sure nothing bad is going to happen.

  9. Ragdoll Says:

    – reticent
    + reluctant

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a lecture without at least one typo, seems my blogging and commenting is the same!

  10. susiegb Says:

    Hey Kevin – I’m sure you’ll get better soon. Everyone gets sick in India, it’s just one of those things. You’ll know if it’s serious enough to need to seek help – well, that’s my experience anyway … 🙂

    And – oh Diwali in India!!@#%%!! Nothing like the ‘refined’ sweet festivals you find in Indian communities in the West. Prepare to be kept awake until the small hours with crackers and explosions going off all the time outside your window! And it goes on for weeks it seems! Drove me crazy I have to say … !!

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Susie,

      I kind of expect a bad stomach in India, but not a hard to shift chest infection, though for the second time it does seem to be going, so fingers crossed. It’s not something I would think of bothering the Doctor with at home.

      The Diwali crackers are loud, there are banners up advertising a brand called “Cock” which I found hilarious, but it’s lost on others!

  11. Yogi Kitchen Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    So sorry you’re not well, it’s not fun being sick in India especially. You looked like you were struggling yesterday at Shanti House, I felt for you and hope you got some sleep last night in spite of the fire works! Today is sunny and hopefully the rain will pass, everyone is feeling the lack of Mysore classes so try not to worry too much on top of it all. Mysore is always here and one’s first time is not the same as the next time, or one after that etc.

    Theresa & Adam

    • Globie Says:

      Hi A & T,

      Indian family next door were launching fireworks off their balcony until late. I did get a few hours sleep, so hopefully if I do nothing again today I will be able to practice in the morning.

  12. lena Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    just started reading your blog, wish you to get better soon. I’ve started my practice at about the same time as you (2006) but it’s been on and off so I’m pretty much still an absolute beginner, so I’m kicking myself when reading how you struggle to get into advanced poses:)

    • Globie Says:

      Thanks Lena,

      I had practised pre 2006 but only started a traditional Mysore practice about 3 years ago, I’m stunned at the progress I’ve made, it’s really fun doing stuff I thought was purely for the bendy people at the front of the class.

  13. grimmly Says:

    Sorry your having a hard time of it at the moment Kevin, of all the times to get sick, at diwalli, when there’s not a hope of getting any sleep for a week. Hope it clears up enough for a decent practice soon but what the hell your in India, I had Bacillary Dysentery in Switzerland while hitching round Europe, raiding every loo in the little alpine village for paper and reading the ruddy Lord of the Rings frantiaclly so I could tear out the pages, pretty….crap but it was Switzerland, better than being sick over here.
    Know what you mean about Sharath’s sense of humour, struck me the same just from the video’s and conference reports, has made him grow on me.

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Grimm,

      I went and got checked out today and now have stuff to take, as you say sod all chance of sleep while the city tries to do it’s Beirut impression.

  14. Ursula Says:

    This is all exciting. Give yourself the time to be ill and to relax. Get well soon……

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