BUPA in India

Well I figured as I don’t have anything to do I would get myself checked out at The Vikram Hospital. You get checked in, then issued with a little card.information they want also includes fathers name. About 5 minutes later the receptionist came running after me to ask if my father was actually still alive! Then you pay 250 rupees to see the Doctor. He was more concerned about my nocturnal time on the Toilet than the end (hopefully) of this virus. You pay for each test individually before being told the room number to report to. So I got to pay 400 Rupees for an abdominal scan and for providing a sample. You get to see each Doctor or take each test immediately, no waiting around, what you do wait for is the result, you cant move to the next stage of the process before they tell you,as Indian bureaucracy insists that no prescription will be given until all the protocols and hurdles have been jumped and passed. I had done with all the tests by 1:30pm, the scan results were fast, electronically sent to Reception, so back into the Doctor with that printout. The sample result took forever, every time I asked how long it would be they seemed to add on another half hour. The report needed to appear in the magic red folder, before reaching the folder it had to come up on a screen and be printed off. Every few minutes the test lady would check to see if any new reports had been generated and print them off. eventually the test lady went for lunch and was replaced by a young guy, so I figured I would get him to check, turns out my report had been in the red folder a while!

So then you have to go and find the Doctor again, but my one had gone off duty, luckily my file was still on the table, so after explaining that the previous Doctor said once I had the reports then they would give me the prescription. This new one must have been slightly junior as she wanted another test, she said i had a slight infection. Eventually after more phone calls and me signing a form to say I didn’t want any more tests she gave me the prescription, for tablets and a bottle of liquid I have to mix 2 teaspoons full of with 200ml of water. Need to work out what constitutes 200ml and hope it doesn’t taste too disgusting, better get some chocolate just in case, just hope it works.

Finally after this assault course I get to the Pharmacy, hand over another 134 Rupees and get my stuff, well actually I handed over 140, the guy had no change so I told him to buy some Diwali fire crackers for his kids as I just wanted to get out of there.

This was a private hospital, most likely out of the economic reach of many who live in this country. It was clean and seemed efficient, god knows what the Hospitals are like where the poor have to turn to.

Our gas cooker finally got connected last night, so on the way back I got some soup, a potato, a carrot and some frozen peas. Hopefully things are turning the corner, though the chances of sleep seem minimal with Diwali, it’s like being back in Beirut! The family whose balcony is across from mine were launching fireworks off a piece of board attached to the railing in the hope of getting out from below the balcony roof. They would light one, then quickly retreat inside before the boom!

WordPress seems to be having issues loading photos so no idea when I will be able to post any.

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6 Responses to “BUPA in India”

  1. mzck Says:

    Am so happy you took care of yourself! Now you can mend and have some more “good” practices. Happy Diwali. The day after (Thurs) is the Hindu new year (“Ek”) and a very good time to start a new endeavor.

  2. Pat Moore Says:

    Wow, interesting story. One of my yoga teachers said she got an MRI done there for about $140 USD. In this country, it would cost 100 times as much (actually, probably more). I hope the remedy works well for you. Thanks for the fascinating story – a different slice of life.

    • Globie Says:

      Hey Pat,

      AC suggested I pay to get my dodgy knees scanned and take the results home.

      I’m glad my Mother doesn’t read this blog or know it exists!

  3. D Says:

    Glad to read that you got the bug checked out, keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll only get better from here. Was interesting to read about the hospital processes you went through, not that much different from the US except for the prices!

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