As well as noise Diwali has some beauty, these are outside many of the houses, made of piles of coloured dye.


Some have candles but everyone wishes you “Happy Diwali”


Ganesha Temples colourful lights


Unless Sharath has a sound proof bunker he is going to be tired tomorrow, as his kids seem to have more fireworks than anyone


6 Responses to “Diwali”

  1. Bettina Says:

    Here in Bangalore things are completely out of control. I spent yesterday evening standing on my 8th floor balcony, unbelievingly watching the spectacle around me. Either the people in my block are especially eager on playing war or they had some money left they didn’t know what to do with … I don’t know. They have this special kind of cracker, it feels like a machine gun is fired directly in my living room and this goes on for several minutes! I love watching the fireworks with its sparkling colors but the noise is something different. Especially after having borne it for several hours. But ok, anyway it is unique.
    Hope you’re getting well soon. By the way bananas and curd help a lot with the typical Indian ‘stomach upset’.
    Take care, Bettina.

    • Globie Says:

      We have the machine gun type fire crackers here, they go on and on. So are they cheap today, as every kid seems to have a never ending supply?

  2. susiegb Says:

    And it goes on for nights and nights and nights … At least a week, probably more … !!!

    (And yeah Bettina – I remember that bananas and curd cure from the first time I was in India – more years ago than I care to remember/admit!!)

  3. Yogi Kitchen Says:

    Funny pic of Sharath’s kids tee hee!

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