Friday Led



The Diwali ceasefire kicked in around 11pm, so I actually got a few hours sleep before this mornings led class. Sharath announced that on Sundays there will now be a 2nd series class at 7:30am, but hopes of a bit more space in our led were dashed by the later news that anyone with a 5:30am Mysore start time in the second (too oversubscribed) led shift is to being pushed into our earlier group 😦

Practice was steady, though a bit of a struggle with the quicker pace, but I still managed to bind everything unassisted. Garbha miracle occurred after finding that turning my hands out slightly gives me the ability to lift into Kukutasana. So since getting here I can now do Lotus, get my arms all the way through, touch my head and balance ( even if Sharath had got to 3 before I found the balance) and lift into Kukutasana, my problem is getting myself round the circle, I may try and get away with back and forth, rather than two rocks and beached. Considering before I got here I was certain to be doing a month of up to Garbha and get stopped I’m pretty pleased the way it’s gone and it seems to pass muster. 🙂

We hardly seem to open our eyes from Savasana before the second shift are slapping their mats down, so it’s roll up the mat and rock down the road home, throw the washing in the machine and then the best uninterrupted 2.5hrs sleep I have had in over a week.


Ganesh Temple


One Response to “Friday Led”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    I don’t know if this helps, but in Garbha Pindasana I’ve always tried to visualise rolling down on one side of my back muscles and rolling up on the other, so to speak. It helps me focus on the action. Just a thought. Glad you’re getting a bit more sleep.

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