Chamundi Hill


A first full nights sleep since I cant remember, feel so much better today.
A decision at breakfast to make a little trip to Chamundi Hill, which lies about 4km south east of the city. We sensibly decided to get the Rickshaw to drop us at the top by the big Temple. You ascend via a very winding road that seems to go on forever


The area is busy with stalls selling tat, Ice cream sellers, religious string sellers and various others trying to remove you from your rupees.


The Temple queue was long, though there is an “Express” queue if you pay more, but the worry was leaving our shoes in the piles and finding them gone, so we decided to take a few photos, before starting the descent down the 1000 steps to the bottom. The top step has 1000 on it and as you go down they are marked every 100 or so. Glad we decided just to walk down.


After 300 steps down we came to Nandi the Bull and vehicle of Shiva, a massive stone carving, quite impressive.


Next to Nandi is The Cave Shiva Temple, which is red and White striped and has a tiny little door. It seems to be guarded by a troop of evil looking Monkeys, one of whom lobbed a coconut husk at me!


I think most Indians seem to visit by Tour bus, we saw a few people walking up and down, but nothing like the thousands who were at the top, the final 700 steps down were interesting, a kid dressed up for photos and someone putting the “dot” on the forehead, which the girls had, but they seemed to run down their noses in the heat!


500 steps, the half way point

It was good fun, well worth spending a few hours, we got down just in time as a huge downpour arrived, the Rickshaw in Town was almost aquaplaning and as anything big or fast overtook a bow wave of water came in


The bottom


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