Led with more space


Seemingly more space, but maybe not as some people still practised in the Foyer, but I don’t think they needed to, perhaps they were just trying to hide! More space because there was a led 2nd series following the 2 Primary classes, taking 30 or so out of the mat space equation.

A decent practice, no adjustments, didn’t get stopped, even managed 2 Garbha rocks, got beached by the neighbour on my left kicking me in the head as he went round, unbeached myself and got up into Kukutasana unassisted, it’s coming. Tomorrow when I have more time I’m going to try and go the whole 360 round. I sweated buckets, think this means I’m pretty much back to being well, still a chesty cough and poses compressing the Chest feel uncomfortable, but at least I can breathe, which I hope bodes well for the resumption of dropbacks tomorrow. Crap Sirsasana, less said about that the better, but at least I didn’t fall out or take anyone else out.

Home and slept like a baby for 2 hours before breakfast and doing my Sanskrit homework , reading on my Balcony, so enjoying reading again, time and decent light make a difference, stopping occasionally to take a photo if anything interesting went by below.


For entertainment we nipped down to More Megastore in the city. I didn’t quite find Battenburg, this is the closest so far! But I did find a giant pack of Tetley Tea bags which even at the rate I drink Tea should last me out.



In this life we all need a guru – darkness dispeller- to lead us towards the light and nana knowledge

Difference between east and west, in the West they challenge guru, in the East they surrender to Guru. Westerners question too much.

Guru is a live god

Sharath said Nobody now wants to be student and by inference put in the work, they just want to teach, he said they get phone calls from people, ” is that the yoga Shala ?”, “yes”, ” how do I become a Teacher?”.

He said Asana is pointless if you are not calm. Beginner looks round all the time, after time learns he to focus. Dedication and commitment, if you have this you get nana Jnana knowledge.Develop control of the mind, so that Eventually we become less distracted and have less attachments.
A yogi should be happy with what he has.


12 Responses to “Led with more space”

  1. susananda Says:

    Hi Kev, just catching up here after a hectic week… glad you’re on the mend now! At least you got to experience an Indian hospital…

    I can’t put into words how much I’m enjoying your blog… of course I’ve read lots of Mysore blogs, but now that you’re there it suddenly seems much more real (or maybe it’s because I know I’m actually going this year!)

    Also I am proud of your progress in garbha šŸ™‚
    Roll down on one side of the spine and up on the other, so you’re rolling on those long muscles instead of the spine, and steer with your belly šŸ™‚

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Susan, thankfully a “better” Indian Hospital than expected, but they have sorted the problem.

      I said to Mel I’m loving being here, not been this happy in years.

      Garbha feels doable now, though I’m still with AC on thinking it’s a stupid posture! My efforts make Sharath laugh, but he has been good.

  2. Guy Says:

    Hey Kev,

    It’s Guy from Brighton. I’ve just checked in on your blog to see you’re in Mysore. Hurrah! We’ll be there next year for 4 months from around October. Your blog is making for some interesting and entertaining reading! Keep it up!

    Adriane is teaching here in Brighton until the end of December.


  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    nana knowledge or jnana knowledge? i like the idea of Nanna knowledge, lovely old ladies knitting jumpers and leading us from the darkness into the light with boiled sweets šŸ˜‰

  4. susiegb Says:

    Yes, I thought that ‘nana knowledge’ comment was funny too. Though presumably a typo … šŸ™‚

  5. Yogi Kitchen Says:

    me?? hiding in the foyer??? why i never! ;o)


  6. Alex Says:

    Hi Kev, I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog. Awesome work on all your progress and dedication to practice. I have only recently gotten comfortable with garbha so I can empathise with trying to learn the movement and getting beached. What works for me is thinking of the movement in 3 distinct parts: go back straight on the exhale, rotate at the bottom of the exhale when your upper back is on the ground, then come up straight again on the inhale. For me, the rotation comes from a movement throughthe upper back and shoulders. I find keep the head steady pivotal – if my head and neck move then I beach to one side. Maybe that will help you too. Enjoy your practice!

    • Globie Says:

      Hi Alex,
      Garbha has taken a long time, I tried months ago and injured my knee quite badly in the process, so it’s been a long road for the knee and Garbha. The conditions here help a lot it has to be said.

      • Alex Says:

        Well then if you can get in given your knee, the hard part is already over. You will have it in no time I am sure. It is a good posture to learn to stay with the breath I think. I find if my mind goes then the eyes go, then the head goes and then thump I am on my side…If I keep with the rythmn of exhale, rotate through the shoulders and then inhale up it happens. Have fun.

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