How it was meant to be


Man at the Traffic lights yesterday

I could feel I’m almost fully well again in my practice. The length and strength has returned to my limbs and I was drenched in sweat. There still didn’t seem to be many people waiting for the 4:30 start, I think this bug is still doing the rounds. I pretty much seem to get my preferred spot every day, one of the advantages of being in the first group, no “one more” randomness ending up on a lumpy bit of rug or on the Marble at the back. I know where the rug rut is and place my mat far enough away, so that even if Sharath shifts people up there is no danger of ending up with it underneath, the one day it happened practice was a pain of having to straddle the rut.

Practice felt so much better, being able to breathe again is a major help, Sharath made a comment at yesterday’s conference about how people who breathe correctly have more energy and stamina, so true, today wasn’t a slog, it all just seemed to flow including the rivers down my face and arms. Adjusted in UHP and the assistant spoke for the first time to tell me to put more weight into the front of my foot as I balanced. Completely left alone for seated, bound everything, my body feels looser and longer, I’m grabbing more wrist in the Marichyasanas and easily getting in to Supta K on my own before anyone thinks about assisting. Garbha two rocks to beached, mainly because my rock has power but no control and I was in danger of taking over my neighbours mat.

Sharath takes no shit in his Shala, he called “one more” and pointed where the person should go, I think they asked “can I go here?”, to what they thought was a better spot, Sharath’s reply being “don’t ask me question, you go!”, pointing at the original spot. She went!

So being Monday meant the resumption of dropbacks as instructed. My UD’s were strong, I did a few extras to get e deeper more intense bend, then stood up and landed 3 decent dropbacks before assistant Liz was sent over by Sharath to help me. Liz is a good squisher almost up in Michaela class, right on top of me pulling my feet back, a few days ago that would have killed me, today she could pull as hard and for as long as she wanted, once she got off I stayed for another 10 breaths, it felt so good.

Closing in the upstairs part of the Changing Room, not great up there, just did it. Then home to stick the washing in, have my medication and crash out for two glorious hours sleep before breakfast. This is how I imagined it was going to be in those January Mysore dreams in the Hospital.


Part of the morning parade of sellers who call out their wares as they go


6 Responses to “How it was meant to be”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    And it all comes down the the breath – just like they’re been telling us all these years. Glad you’re back where you want to be (in practice and on the planet)!

  2. wanderingmb Says:

    glad you are feeling better!

  3. susiegb Says:

    I always remember how in Alan Little’s blog/diary of his 3 months in Mysore all those years ago, after about 3 weeks he wrote: “I am SO happy here”.

    Just words, but it has always resonated with me. I have felt that on the few occasions when I’ve been away at a week or month’s workshop … Truly a wonderful feeling and I wish you more and more of that ‘I am in exactly the right place for me right now’ feeling!! 🙂

    • Globie Says:

      That’s exactly it “right here,right now”, not just feeling it’s right, but 100% knowing it’s right. Even when I was sick I didn’t doubt that it was better than the alternative and it was just a matter of time until things turned for the better.

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