Practice and a trip to the Market


Thankfully my morning alarm has the volume and sound of a ships Foghorn, but for that I would have slept blissfully through practice this morning.

A second decent practice in a row, left to my own devices for the most part. I realised that I seem to have stopped the mental game of sectioning my practice into blocks of asanas, standing then up to Mari C, get over the hump of Mari D, then after Navasana the Bhuja to Supta K section, before Garbha, which is a sectional project all it’s own, before sliding down the hill to closing and the Urdva Dhanurasana and dropback section. Today I realised I was treating each pose on it’s own, trying to deepen within it, making sure I was breathing, but most importantly not thinking about what was to come. It seemed each pose was better, easily bound Mari D, super deep Supta K. I did have the thought as I stretched my legs straight across the coarse Shala rug in Kurmasana that it was slewing off the hard skin on my heels, Shala pedicure!

Garbha I went for rocking on the spot back and forth instead of two circle rocks to beaching.

Doing Upward dogs in the Vinyasas I’d had a little jamming in my lower back, so i was cautious when it came to Urdva Dhanurasana, I did the 3 prescribed ones coming down on to my head in-between. Then did a few trying to walk in as far as I could, more structure, hands under shoulders, not bad. It was dropbacks where I surprised myself, from somewhere I seemed to have got an extra notch of control and was able to hang much deeper before dropping to the floor, I managed to get 4 in before Sharath sent over an assistant for the usual half way and then stand up. I’m not sure this helps my quest to stand up on my own, I think I need to play around more on my own. The other surprise was having the energy to aid the control, usually by backbends I’m knackered, but today there was something left in the tank.

I’m really enjoying my practice now, and they allow you to enjoy it, no unnecessary interventions, just be with it.


Jaggery seller


A little exploration after practice to Devaraja Market, it’s mainly fruit n veg plus some other colourful exhibits such as the piles of dye. We wandered for a couple of hours, though as seemingly the only tourists around we did come in for some hangers on following us around trying to sell tourist tat.


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