I suck at Sanskrit!


Im not getting the hang of this Sanskrit lark, I got 2 right out of 5 in the homework, I asked him if he ran out of red ink yet! I just can’t get my head round it, add a line to this, a squiggle to something, then a dot above another, making sure you picked the right version of said letter from the seeming multiple choice in the first place. I dont think I will be signing up for the advanced class. I’ll stick to English and German they make sense.


The Shala Steps

Practice was solid, Garbha rocking on the spot. A freebie in Supta Kurmasana when one of the Assistants bound me up, I don’t need help, but figure I will just take it, it’s like getting a pass to the next pose. Great dropbacks again today, no idea where this sudden extra level of control has come from, I managed 3 before Assistant Liz came over, but instead of just the cross arm thing and one dropback she had me do three full drops and up before doing the regular 3 x cross arms before the last dropback and walk in, hold for 5 then back up before her nice Paschimottanasana squash.

I still find uprooting to the changing room to do closing a bit of a palaver, it’s cooler in there too and by the time you get in there, find a spot and get into Shoulderstand the momentum and focus have gone, hence my crappy Sirsasana.


Sharat’s new House taking shape.

But I know for a fact dropbacks are way easier than Sanskrit. The only laugh I get in Sanskrit is my flat mate trying to spell blasphemous words in Sanskrit with her iPad App!


Morning Fruit seller


5 Responses to “I suck at Sanskrit!”

  1. Ursula Says:

    German is good….:)
    Difficult enough.

  2. Pat Moore Says:

    Thanks for posting a picture of the famous “steps”. I always wondered how steep they are.

  3. Knoxville Plumber Says:

    Knoxville Plumber…

    […]I suck at Sanskrit! « The Journey of my practice[…]…

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