Rain asana


Sunil’s Water wagon

Our Waterman rocks, the original one we were advised to use by the owners Reprentative was Nilgiri Shop, we called them, they promised and didn’t turn up, we went round there when we were down to our last few inches in the drum, eventually they came at 10pm, way past Ashtangi bedtime and proceeded to royally rip us off. Our new guy I found by chance delivering next door. He is called Sunil, you call him and within a half hour the door bell rings with him standing there with 2 drums, 2 drums for less than half of what Mr Rip off Nilgiri charged us for one. So if any Ashtangi’s are struggling to get water, call Sunil he is The Waterman of Gokulam


A Bat with balls.

I was woken by the rain at 3:30am, not just rain we are talking biblical deluge. I had to delve into my bag to find the Raincoat I threw in as an afterthought, then sploshed my way to the Shala. Luckily although they had not opened up, they had undone the Gate, so the 4:30 crew huddled on the steps out of the rain. Practice was steady and largely unassisted apart from UHP, left alone in Supta K, I got my breathing wrong in Garbha and soon got beached, no rescuer, so I had to extricate my arms, right myself, then re thread before pushing up into Kukutasana.

Extra UD’s before dropbacks, again controlled, got 4 in before S sent Liz over, today she had me go back 3 times on my own, then helped me up, then cross arm half way before another deep assisted backbend, Liz has me sussed it seems, fine by me. Then her mega squish, before heading for the changing room to close. There seemed to be more space today, I wonder how many saw the weather and turned over back to sleep 🙂


Building site Scarecrow


Love the spelling


Woman with mobile Temple on her head


One Response to “Rain asana”

  1. alotusgirl Says:

    I would LOVE Sunils mobile number Kev!
    Great tip too, Thanks for the great info~
    Tracy xx

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