The end of a 6 day week


Love the decoration on this Tree near the Chocolate man.

Our first proper 6 day week completed, ending with the Friday led primary. Despite the rain the Shala was packed. I must be getting better at it, as I got into both sides of Mari D and Supta Kurmasana before Sharath started counting. Even had a little rock in Garbha though S had to come and extricate me from the beached position I ended up in on my neighbours mat, it makes him laugh 🙂 But at least he seems happy enough to let me carry on. We seemed to hold the three Urdva Dhanurasanas for ages, there was an audible “aaaaahhh” as we came down from the last one, my Chakorasana still sucks, I can’t help going over my left shoulder, pretty it ain’t !

He brought us to Samasthitihi , we did the closing chant, then the last vinyasa as he said “go home and take rest”. I have no problem with that plan, my head hits the pillow at 06:05 and the next thing I know it’s ten past eight.


Some householders must spend a long time doing these.

Still a busy day, chanting class at 11am then home via the Chocolate man as he had made some White chocolate, yummy 🙂

This afternoon it was Sanskrit class, I actually got 10 right out of 13 in the homework, I put this down to luck and not a sudden influx of the subject making sense.


Sanskrit class

At least it’s Saturday tomorrow, my washing still isn’t drying between the humidity and the downpours, all my yoga togs are hanging on the line, they better be dry by Sunday.


Goat recycling behind the Coconut Stand.


Goat waiting for the 119 Bus into town!


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  1. lauramccormack Says:

    Illegal shala picture!

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