To the Palace on the 119


Saturday, The Ashtangi day off. After a late breakfast we decided to catch the local 119 bus into the city rather than take a Rickshaw. The bus was a modern Volvo, though I couldn’t use my Oyster card!


Strap hanging on the 119

The plan was to visit the Mysore Palace, but we got a bit way laid by a Rickshaw driver outside the Palace, we ended up doing an impromptu tour of the Muslim area of town, he charged us 30 rupees, obviously hoping for some fat commissions from the places he took us to. Some of the places were quite interesting, a wood place where they carved Elephants and made beautiful inlaid tables, we also went to an incense place, where an old dear knelt down to roll 6000 sticks a day.


Incense stick rolling

We went via Gandhi Square, which as a golden Gandhi looking out over the traffic.


As we travelled around we began to notice the proliferation of sheep coloured yellow and either tied up or being led along on ropes. Our driver explained that Monday is the Muslim festival of Bakra-id, or festival of sacrifice, somi think Lamb is going to be on the menu. Each household that can afford it slaughters a sheep and gives one third to the poor, one third to their family and keeps the last third for themselves.


Well the Rickshaw driver didn’t make a single Rupee in commission, so he dropped us at the entrance to the Palace, 20 Rupee entry for Indians, 200 Rupees for foreigners, so I laundered one of my 1000 Rupee notes, much to their disgust, everyone in this city hates giving change for some reason.


The Palace and it’s grounds are fairly compact, you are free to take photos outside, but you are supposed to hand in your camera and not take it inside, we buried them in our bags. You also have to give your shoes in, you get a token with a number on it.


Once inside in the big hall the stained glass roof is stunningly beautiful, why oh why can’t you be allowed to take a photo of that. We soon worked out that although Camera’s are banned using a mobile phone camera isn’t, presumably because local mobiles are ancient by our standards and don’t have a camera flash, so we joined the locals and snapped some photos as we went round. There is not much in the way of explanation signage, one room we thought was boxes of Royal ashes turned out to be boxes given as presents by foreign Royals and dignitaries !


Photo by Laura

Eventually you come out by a shop, same the world over and then have to reclaim your shoes before exiting. Another fun day, tomorrow we start again back with the program.


2 Responses to “To the Palace on the 119”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    I’m just LOVING all your illegal pictures!

    • globie Says:

      We intended not to take any, but when we realised everyone was using the camera on their Cell phones we just joined in, though Laura was worried she was going to get pounced on by Security!

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