Old man indeed!


This evening we decided to get the bus again and see the Palace all lit up, it’s only lit for about one hour on a Sunday night, but it’s pretty spectacular, with coloured fountains in the grounds and thousands of lights illuminating the Palace and surrounding Temples. It probably uses so much electricity the rest of the city has a power cut! Suddenly they switch the switch and it all goes off, the Guards then start using their whistles to encourage everyone to go home. We decided to get a Rickshaw back, having witnessed anything up to 6 locals in a Rickshaw we figured 4 foreigners should be ok. “yes” said Mr Rickshaw, I let the three girls get in, but the driver asked Caroline to get out so that “the old man” could get in, the cheek of it! Though I think it had more to do with the Driver wanting a lovely blond 26 year old up front with him rather than a male of 47 years old. But it was fun and worth the late night.


This morning it was back with the program today, Sunday led, packed Shala, we could do with a few more doing the led intermediate! I rocked on the spot in Garbha and managed three good UD’s, tried oh so hard to stay up in Sirsasana, especially with Sharath helping C next door, I got to 2 of Ardha before the inevitable collapse. Home via a coconut and the Bread man who waits outside the Shala, home to the best two hours sleep I get.


Sharath talked about the sicknesses that stop us practising

Idleness – hanging out at coconut stand, should be home reading sutras etc.
Doubt– you have less as you get older and become more spiritual
Carelessness- not focussing, going through the motions. surrender to the practice , practice with dedication
Sloth – he said the weather is English weather, raining, some hear the rain and skip practice.
Lack of determination – drink coffee wakes you up
Confusion– monkey mind stay with one yoga, don’t have a long list of doing this that or the other styles, stay with one.
Distractions – talking, mind talking, should only think about the posture,breath and drishte.
Perfection- only achieved through dedicated practice, each asana needs to be done 1000 times.
Focus and grounding come with age, older we get the quieter the mind becomes. Postures should be comfortable, not thinking how fast can I get out of this, he was referring to Utplutihi.



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