Practice is coming


After a late night out at the Palace I really didn’t want to get up this morning, but I’m glad I did as I probably had my best practice since those long off days in Sri Lanka. It started off with the I should have stayed in bed thoughts, but as I got going I realised my mind wasn’t doing much talking and I was actually surprisingly focussed on my practice. Sharath and the Assistants pretty much leave me alone until UHP and if it’s the Chinese lady I get help with the second side of ABP, which I can’t quite bind.

Seated are so solid and faff free at the minute, I’m sure my practice through seated has got quicker, even though I do Garbha properly now I seem to get to Setu Bandhasana without any dramas. They are leaving me alone in Supta Kurmasana now,as they know I can do it, even the lift into Titibhasana is stronger, more controlled and I don’t exit in a heap trying to find where my breath has gone.

Great UD’s then I stood up and started to do my dropbacks, I can’t believe the level of control I have just now, but I got a shock today as when I landed Assistant Liz had done a Cary and sneaked up, suddenly she pinged me back up to standing! She had me do 2 more drops on my own and assisted me up, before the usual cross armed etc. Followed by her mega squish. I am in such a groove with the backbends now I would like to play longer on my own, especially with rocking. It depends how many people are at the dropback stage. But it felt such a good practice. I’m well again and fit and practice feels good.

Rest of the day taken up by Chanting in the morning, then this afternoon Sanskrit class, he asked if anyone was interested in doing level 2, suffice to say my hand didn’t go up! The Pradipika part of the afternoon he talked about foods that are good and he also said that for practice to be more than just an exercise you have to study asana and philosophy and live it 24/7. He used the analogy of an Indian person who studied swimming, he knew everything there was to know about swimming, but he couldn’t actually swim.

I succumbed to buying the Shala “All is coming” T -shirt today, at least they are a lot cheaper than in London.


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