It’s possible for you!


That’s what Sharath said when he saw me rocking on my 5th Urdva Dhanurasana, “it’s possible for you to do it, try”. So I tried to walk my hands in a little more, pushed and got the expected result landing on my head. S smiled, I rubbed my head, a little dazed. I stood up and did a couple of dropbacks to get my mind back with the program, then Sharath comes over and has me do cross arms, then does a drop that is far deeper than any that the Assistants have done, walking my hands in to their limit before he springs me back up. Up I come with control, felt nice. Before he heads off he says “you can do it, more weight in legs”. He isn’t the first Teacher to say that I should be able to stand up, on a good day I can do it from just one block, so it has to be a mental block or hang up on my part, everyone else seems to have the belief in me that I lack myself, or lack of confidence in my own ability.

Another steady practice , I even started to try and rock round the circle in Garbha instead of just back and forth, I got round to about four o’clock and someone was trying to squeeze between my mat and the one behind, I lost it and ended up beached, the person was waiting for me to carry on round, but I just couldn’t get the momentum again, I told her to go past, I wanted her out the way, but by he time she went I was well stuck. Oh well always tomorrow.


After a leisurely breakfast at Santosha that included the above delicious chocolate cookie, we went into the city, looking for Laura’s Yalie or Devil mask, it turns out they are not only made of cement, we thought they were plastic, but they are hard to find, so hard we couldn’t find anywhere selling them. We eventually ended up at Rashinka to collect L’s mat that she had her name embroidered in Sanskrit on, looks nice I may have to get one.


Rug mats at Rashinka

We seemed to walk miles today, I was planning an easy day, but it didn’t turn out that way, well except when we actually went to Easy Day after lunch for supplies, delighted to find the Indian version of Smash! Just as well as our gas situation is still unresolved, so we can only make stuff with water using my Travel Kettle.


We saw this guy balance the basket on his head then get on a bone shaker cycle and pedal off!

Early night I hope, I may dream of standing up


Colourful shop


17 Responses to “It’s possible for you!”

  1. wanderingmb Says:

    Nice to have the Sharath stamp of approval: “you can do this.” 🙂

    It takes time to figure out the mechanics of certain things (timing, momentum), even though you may possess the strength and flexibility. It will sort itself out…the mental component included!

  2. The Un-Ashtangi Says:

    Globie what really helped me with standing up from drop backs is actually committing to standing up. It seems like you have the strength and all of the other mechanics to do it so maybe the next time you can really commit to it in your head and see what happens.

    Even Sharath thinks you can do it, that’s gotta stand for something 🙂

    • globie Says:

      It’s definitely a mental thing, fear I guess. Also you don’t get a lot of “play time” here, they come and assist so that they can move you out and get a new body in.

  3. Megan Walker Says:

    I would take The Un-Ashtangi’s comment one step further: set yourself up for a good push, and then hurl yourself over, fall on your knees if you have to. Better to fall forward than to land on your head or coccyx, especially if your problem is not enough weight in the legs. First, learn to get the weight out of the hands, then refine the effort. Just my 2 cents.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Megan,
      What I need is a quiet beach, that’s how I learned to drop back, knowing if it went wrong I wouldn’t hurt myself. It’s moon day here tomorrow, so I may do a bit of criminal practice in my room and experiment. Sometimes when I rock I can get my hands to lift, but it’s not enough to change the centre of gravity to over my ankles.

      While here I have seen 2 people manage to stand up from what most Teachers I know would term a “Bridge”, somehow despite their hips being way back they can get the momentum, they looked ugly but they did it.

  4. Karen Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Don’t know of you’ve seen this vid, but it’s one of my favorite examples of drop backs — not orthodox, but so full of life & joy. It’s also interesting to note that he doesn’t make a particularly deep arch, there’s a good bit of very well-controlled momentum. I just love watching:

    • globie Says:

      Hi Karen,
      Ive been trying to watch the video, all and any idea gratefully received, but my connection keeps timing out, I’ll keep trying.
      Thanks for sending the link.

  5. Karen Says:

    The drop backs happen around 3 minutes in.

    P.S. Congrats on garbha p!

    • globie Says:

      I’ve been rocking on the spot for a few days, today was the first day I have found some abdominal control and at the same time been able to control the breath, also having space, in led when everyone is doing it at the same time it’s a bit of a nightmare.

  6. StEvE Says:

    What got me over the hump with standing up, was focussing on a good strong inhale. Prior to that I wash’t even aware of my breath but, apparently, I was stopping the inhale half way up. Keeping your head right back also keeps it all well grounded.

    Very shortly your day won’t be complete without doing a few.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Steve,
      Louise told me that about my breath, but when I’m putting in so much physical effort trying to do it I kinda forget about breathing.

      I had to re-register today for the next month, Sharath said I have a month to stand up! He also said I’m so close, he hardly moved me to get me up. Need some at home experimentation .

      • StEvE Says:

        Ha! I remember him telling me not to break his picture. My arms used to flail like a mad conductor.

        Great to hear you’re that close to the cream.

  7. globie Says:

    I’m pretty controlled once I have lift off and Cary has drilled into me “head last”, just need initial oomph

  8. Keen on Food Says:

    Hey Kevin – sounds like you’re ahead of me on the standing up! Inspiring to read a similar situation. BTW what is your gas issue? (the cooking gas, not the other kind ;o) We have a man who will bring a bottle around in half an hour if you want his number let me know.


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