Moon day exploring


Yesterday I registered for my second month, I have kind of got used to my stupidly early time slot, the early wake up at least means I don’t have to wait in the Lobby for the “one more” call, I get my same spot most days and once I get going I forget that it’s stupid o’clock. By re registering slightly early I got to keep my spot. Sharath told me in this month “I have to stand up” , he said he hardly touched me when he got me up the day before and he again said I’m perfectly capable of doing it.


Very modern Mall.

Moon day today, a nice lie in, we had a little trip into town , first to the new and still being built Mall of Mysore, it has Benetton, Mothercare, Body Shop as well as Indian brands. Wandering around a Mall with 2 lady’s meant going into shops I would ordinarily have bypassed and ended up spending money on an Elephant bracelet for my Mother.


Opposite side of the retail opportunities!

After the Mall and a detour near the Zoo to get Laura’s Yalie Devil mask, we got a Rickshaw to the old Shala in Laxmipuram. The Rickshaws line up waiting their turn, one guy who spoke some English was organising the fares. We told him where we wanted to go, even showing him the junction on the map, he assured us the next driver in line would know where to go, so off we went. Ho hum ye right, after driving for a while he pulled up and asked which Hotel? He was completely clueless, we explained again and he eventually found JLB Road, as we rounded the corner he pulled up again wanting to take us who the hell knows where , a Driver on the opposite side eventually came over just as I was losing patience, it annoys me that every Rickshaw driver assures you they know where you want to go, but 75% havn’t got a clue, even when you have an address.


The original sign still there, we would have a blue plaque for such an historically important building.

Eventually we turned a corner and found Guruji’s old Shala, it still has the sign next next to the door. Through the barred window you can still see a picture of Guruji on the wall. It’s a small building you can see why he moved as the number of students grew to today’s levels. It was wonderful tonsee where bit all began.


Guruji’s picture still on the wall.


Just one pair of shoes outside the door.

This afternoon I decided to do some practice, I wanted to open my back so i did standing and second up to Kapotasana, amazingly I could bind both sides of Pasasana, I must have lost weight that was rather too easy. Played around with backbends and dropbacks and some rocking, tried to stand up and collided with the window blind! But every day I try is hopefully another day nearer miracle day when it happens.



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