Led and exploring


Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post about my attempts to stand up. I’m sure I will get there eventually, some days it feels really close. I know it’s coming, isn’t everything , I just need to find the little bit of belief.

Led for a second day in a row this morning, much better, helped a lot by having 2 normal size people beside me, no knees encroaching in my space or getting whacked in Garbha. A very prompt practice, I was home and back in bed by 6:02


I resisted the temptation to play around at home, I’m tired and my upper arms are aching, so once I did wake up and have breakfast I spent the morning and half the afternoon reading and writing some of the text for the lectures I have to give in the next year, good to get ahead.


Tomorrow is our day off, Sharath and family left for a wedding in Bangalore right after practice. This meant we could stay up late, though as I type my eyes seem to have another agenda. We caught the bus 20km north to Brindavan Gardens, it’s not an expensive trip,just 10 Rupees!



The place was packed with Indian families, but at least they charge tourists the same 15 Rupee entry fee, even if they do add on a 50 Rupee camera fee. The gardens are beautiful, with fountains, it was bright and colourful with the multi coloured Sari’s worn by the locals. At dusk while being eaten alive by the mozzies, they turn the lights on the fountains, there is a kind of cheer goes up as the lights come on.


While we waited for the lights we explored what must once have been some kind of amusement park, plastic animals, ancient climbing frames and a Ferris wheel type thing, all would be condemned by H&S back home , but here nobody worries. Egged on by my friends I did a backbend on the climbing frame, they had wanted a headstand! While they took a photo a group of locals applauded, don’t think Sharath was amongst them!



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