Practice and Blocks


I thought this door was spectacular

Back to a Mysore practice today at last, despite the day off I had a really good one, there was a new Assistant today along with the Liz and Li, the new one took me into a much deeper Trikonasana. When I got to Supta K I was hoping to be left alone, but the new Assistant is enthusiastic and she actually gave me an awesome assist getting my feet behind my head before I lifted out into Titibhasana. I smiled a “thank you”, think she was pleased,her first day assisting, some positive feedback.

I was really steady today, suddenly it was time for backbends, decent Urdva Dhanurasana’s, I tried rocking but it didn’t feel happening, so instead of wasting energy I stood for dropbacks, the first one is a sighter, then i did a second and was walking in and just started to rock when I felt Liz bring me up. She had me do 3 more, but letting go earlier each time on the way up to force me to engage and do the last part, luckily I made it each time. I have really loved Liz’s backbend assistance, she was easy to get used to, some Teachers are hard to work out when the moment to go is, but it only took a couple of days with her to know her and trust. I’m going to miss her, she left today.


Drishti masks

Probably Sharath will be back on my case tomorrow to stand up.As I was leaving he said “you staying another month”, I confirmed I was, he had that look in his eye, along with his easy friendly smile. I was warned before I left home that Sharath may not even look at me or assist me much in the first month, but it’s been the complete opposite, he has been encouraging and helpful and always seems to have a smile, I know there are probably a couple of hundred students in Mysore now, he may not know my name, but he seems to be looking out for me.

Late morning home alone I resumed my own standing up experiments, out of 4 attempts one was really close, but not quite, why does my left arm insist on trying to impersonate a windmill, making me twist as I crash back down?


My new Blocks

I decided at home I need more graduation, the edge of the bed is too easy, I needed something in-between the bed and the floor, so while out this afternoon I came across a hole in the wall bedding place that had a type of block covered in material, they were quite firm, so I bought 3 in lieu of my usual Bolster and block, will see if they work tomorrow.


The non AC Bus!

I had actually gone out with the intention of finding the lake that a couple of people have mentioned is nice, but I couldn’t find it, how can I not find a lake? anyway it was hot, so I gave up and started looking for an Optician, figuring it must be cheaper here than at home to get my new prescription. Seems the Prism is a problem, well at the place I tried. There must be other Opticians.

It was a fun afternoon, starting off looking for one thing and finding something else.


Colonial Building, now a local council office


6 Responses to “Practice and Blocks”

  1. fivefootwo Says:

    That door is incredible! I am so enjoying your photos. So glad that your practice sessions are going so well.

  2. StEvE Says:

    Yes, you do take some fab photos Kev. You should have a look at an App called ‘Snapseed’. It’s for photo editing and enhancement and it transforms photos into pieces of art. Very easy to use too.

    • Globie Says:

      Cheers Steve,

      I will have a look for the App. I’m no expert with a camera, a lot is down to luck, I sometimes take 2 or 3 of the same thing on different settings and just see what one came out.

  3. susiegb Says:

    yeah – beautiful door! Thanks for that … 🙂

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