Up from 1 block


Lots of people must have left after the first month, I got to the Shala at my normal time and there was hardly anyone, compared to how its been, waiting at the Gate. A very orderly flipping off of Sandals and parade up the steps into practice. People seemed to still take their same spots, despite other options being available, same girl on my left, but 3 potential spots on my right.

Practice was a bit of a slog today, it took me a long time to get off to sleep last night and the alarm clocks racket came as a bit of a shock. Although it felt a slog, my upper arms (Deltoids?), are really sore, I suppose the practice was decent enough. Another great Supta K assist from the new Assistant, she seems to get as much fun out of giving it, as I do receiving it.

Backbends were not great, after just 3 UD’s I stood and did my dropbacks, but I just didn’t have the energy to control it and my arms hated the landings. I did 3 and then decided to not wait for assistance, I just sat down, but did get a nice squish massage in Paschimottanasana.

One of those practices that is just part of the long term, maybe tomorrow will be better.


Hot chip guy

After breakfast, 1pm in fact (breakfast was long), I decided to try out my new Blocks and i was pleased to be able to work my way down from 3 to being able to stand up from just one 🙂 I then tried it off the ground, it was an ugly lopsided stumble, but I was up, but it certainly wouldn’t pass muster at the Shala!


Easwara Temple

Today’s photos are an experiment, after Steve’s tip about the photo App, I downloaded it and have been playing around, cropping and brightening, originals below just for comparison, hopefully I will get better at it as I play more.





7 Responses to “Up from 1 block”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    Errr…do you mean the chip guy is hot, or just that he makes hot chips?! 😉

  2. Ragdoll Says:

    Ha ha Mel, I was thinking the same!

    And up is up – never mind how pretty it looked, now you know you can do it!

  3. Alex Says:

    “One of those practices that is just part of the long term, maybe tomorrow will be better.” – For what it is worth, feel the same way about my practice today. Keep up the dedicated hard work!

  4. susiegb Says:

    Hi Kevin
    Just in case you were interested … these are the Photography apps I have on my iPhone! Camera+, Hipstamatic, Pro HDR, ColorSplash, PerfectlyClear, Dynamic Light, Snapseed, Percolator, FlickStackr and PhotoMess.

    Can’t say what all of them do but you may care to look them up in the App Store and read about them!! Pro HDR I use quite a lot – it takes two pictures of the same scene and merges them together to get a really clear detailed picture. And Hipstamatic you’ve probably heard of – applies amazing 1950s-style filters to photos you take.

    Just a bit of fun for you … 🙂

  5. StEvE Says:

    Colorsplash enables you to be very creative; retaining color in only selected parts of your photos (as Spielberg did in ‘Schindlers List’). That makes it quite unique and handy to have alongside Snapseed.

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