Ready for Saturday rest


Saturday rest can’t come soon enough, Thursday’s Mysore class seemed hard going, assisted in UHP and Supta K again, though that feels like getting a free pass to Garbha, it was such a good Supta K assist, that when I lifted into titibhasana my arms were actually straight, with my feet locked behind my head. Usual backbend struggle, a few dropbacks on my own,the assistant was looking like she was going to help me, but Sharath said “he has to do on his own!” and laughed, so I got to do a couple more and try and stand up, but trying to stand up in the Shala seems harder with people watching, as I crashed back down for the second time Sharath said I hadn’t breathed. He then looked across and said “very good”, he knows I’m trying oh so hard to crack this, he then did assisted backbends with me.

I got home and went up on the roof to watch the sun rise over Mysore.


We think it says Beware of the Crocodile!

A little post lunch excursion to Kukkurahilli Kere Lake, in truth some of it resembles more like a swamp, there are abandoned boats all over the place.


Old Boat


Lake shore

There is also a lot of bird life, Purple Moorhen, White Egret and Brahminy, a type of Kite. The Lake is an oasis of calm, there is a path that goes right round the lake. We saw a sign that we think meant “Beware of the Crocodiles”.


Trees reflected in the Lake


Brahminy Kite


Purple Moorhen.

Once back in Gokulam , as Laura is leaving, we did the taking photos at the famous Coconut Stand.


Friday Led was busy, though I still got my usual spot, I think everyone was feeling it today, but my stamina must be improving, I stayed up ok in all the seemingly long held Urdva Dhanurasana and the whole way though Utplutihi. I love the way he ends the Friday led, chant, vinyasa and the instruction “go home and take rest”. You could feel the relief this morning as we trooped out to get the post practice coconut and go back home for the pre breakfast 2 hour snooze. Saturday lie in, yay.


3 Responses to “Ready for Saturday rest”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    Once again, fantastic photos!
    It sounds like your thing with Sharath is pretty special. I have heard from many people that one usually doesn’t get a lot of attention. All is coming!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Pat,

      Glad you are enjoying the photos, this country is incredibly photogenic

      The standing this is frustrating, it’s not for want of trying, though in this town no shortage of teachers and students offering advice, it’s trying to work out what it is among all the information that will hopefully make it come for me

  2. Pat Moore Says:

    Yes, if they could only tell us exactly “when” and “how” that would make it so much nicer! But, alas, they don’t. Have faith!

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