Led Loo Waller and Conference.

Back to practice with the usual Sunday led, a few more people, Sharath is still pushing people’s times back. At least it was better than Friday’s, much stronger and the whole practice flowed much better. It definitely helps not to have tall people as neighbours as well, when everyone is doing the same thing at the same time, poses like UHP & PPC everyone staggers themselves, though there is a bit of a leg clash in Supta K and the up and over in Supta Konasana.

Home to 2 hours sleep which was noisily disturbed by the man in chargé of the Flat, accompanied by the crazy useless cleaning Lady and a geriatric Indian wearing a cloth round his waist and another around his head. Turns out he is the Toilet & Bathroom cleaner, he looked completely comical armed with what was once a 7up bottle now filled with some liquid, a brush with not many bristles and a cloth. He went in, shut the door after taking out my stuff, towels, toothbrush etc, then spent 10 noisy minutes doing god knows what, couldn’t see any difference after he finished.

Luckily I had my croissants and some Granola as we stayed in to supervise, cleaning lady can’t be trusted to keep her hands to herself.Kleptocleaner.


After Conference


It was lucky we stayed in as we were there to let in our new flatmate, Trish from Canada, luckily she’s been in India a week so didn’t arrive jet lagged and shattered, just with the first week chest infection everyone seems to get. We took her to the Shala, then oriented her to eating places and Easy Day.


Post Conference Coconut


Body and mind becomes pure after practicing the 8 limbs. Become stronger in body and mind.

Asana best way 2 purify nervous system.

Primary series doing Paschimottanasana activates Agni burns toxins. lose toxins through sweating.

Some students said Sharath are as flexible as a noodle, but have no strength for handstand. Need to build strength over time to maintain flexibility. Allow the process to happen, don’t be in a hurry. Westerners are too impatient.

New Asana new pain!

When impurities gone, mind becomes stable and practice becomes steady and strong.

Yoga is a science to control the mind

When there is citta vittri , Nirodaha happens naturally.

When asana is hard you forget everything else, you completely concentrate on the posture, but it’s the opposite when pose is comfortable, the mind can go and think about anything, so the harder poses are a kind of meditation.

Facebook too distracting, Sharath said he got 150 in a day, yoga brain said no, I don’t have time to deal with this! Too many distractions in life.


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