On the

8th November 2009 I did my first dropback in front of Cary at YP

On the 21st November 2011 I stood up from Dropback in front of Sharath.
I never thought I would write this, it has seemed an impossibility.


On the way to practice the new Moon was bright in the sky, practice was strong, not too much monkey mind, yesterday’s conference comment about being as connected to the easier Asanas as to the harder ones still in my head.

My practice is so much better when I’m doing Mysore practice and can take my time. The Urdva Dhanurasanas were super strong and I could walk in and stay up with straight arms. I just did 3, then stood for dropbacks. Suddenly my legs seem to have an extra level of control and strength as I went back. After the first sighter the second one I landed much nearer my feet, Sharath said “you can stand,it’s possible”, he touched my hips and I suddenly flew up, nearly knocking Sharath over! He said “slower,no hurry, again!”. I dropped back again, walked my hands in, rocked and OMG suddenly I was up, I must have finally synchronised the inhale breath and the push off, it wasn’t pretty, a slight stagger as I realised I was actually going to get up, at the top Sharath was waiting with a big smile, he was as happy as I was. “do again”, well I wish, but the combination of shock,joy and exhilaration I just couldn’t do it, though by this point I was really tired. The Assistant then came over and did assisted ones with me,before the squish and decamping to do closing.


Yogi’s at the Coconut Stand outside the Shala

As I rolled up my mat someone came up and said “great job on standing”, I don’t even know who he was, but he must have seen it. I certainly won’t ever forget it and doing it in Mysore, wow. Of course that practice is gone and tomorrow I have to try and do it again.


As I left the Shala a stunning sunrise was just appearing, it seems to be one of those special days.


27 Responses to “On the”

  1. ivana Says:

    well done you! a breakthrough feels fantastic! great pics also ~ ivana x

  2. Linda Says:

    Well done! Must be amazing to have such a breakthrough there, in that shala, in front of Sharath 🙂

  3. grimmly Says:

    Congratulations, great Sharath caught it too. Nice moon pic.

    • globie Says:

      Sharath doesn’t seem to miss much, especially when it’s in front of him. I have sensed him watching me,even when he’s adjusting elsewhere. He actually knows my name now, is this a good thing I ask myself? It’s no longer “you stand up” it’s “Kevin stand up”.

      The moon and sunrise were exquisite this morning.

  4. V Says:


  5. lizw Says:


  6. donutszenmom Says:

    I love that Sharath has been helping you so much. Good karma on your part that the guru keeps an eye out for you.

    • globie Says:

      He saw that he thought I should be able to do it and just kept telling me “it’s possible for you,stand up”, but I was beginning to doubt that it would happen. I hope it wasn’t a one off freak event.

  7. ahu Says:

    Yey! congratulations! It was also Mysore for me when I stood up from drop backs for the first time 🙂 there is some magic there…

  8. Pat Moore Says:

    So now your mind knows you can do it :). Doesn’t surprise me at all that it happened in Mysore. Keep following Sharath’s advice and just breathe…….

    • globie Says:

      Thanks Pat.

      My mind is still finding it hard to believe!

      I think it was my Hips that remembered what Sharath had done on the previous one where I flew up, he doesn’t advise, he’s a man of few words to do with the actual asana, but he is very encouraging.

      I know it can’t be anything to do with what’s in the water as I have been doing my best to avoid that

  9. Clare Says:

    Well done!

  10. Claire Says:

    Wonderful! So pleased for you x

  11. fivefootwo Says:

    Hooray!! We all enjoy your progress, so glad that you share all this…

  12. Emily Perry Says:

    Congrats! I have been rooted you on in my little neck of the woods here in California. What a beautiful moment:: the impossible becoming possible. Wow!

  13. susiegb Says:

    Oooh – fantastic Kevin! So happy for you … 🙂

  14. Alex Says:

    Yay, you deserve the result after all your hard work. Was very excited for you when I read you had stood up.

  15. globie Says:

    I’m afraid today it didn’t happen, I tried and crashed but just couldn’t get up, too much thinking

  16. Keen on Food Says:

    well done kevin!! i am in awe ;o)

  17. Bibi Says:

    Congratulations! Fantastic 🙂

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