One day wonder


I was actually awake early this morning, despite another crappy nights sleep, I was looking forward to practice, yes I suppose looking forward to backbends.

The Shala seemed quieter again, not so many people waiting at the Gate and once inside there were quite a few spaces, so much so that I saw one girl relocate four times!

My standing and seated are so consistent now, there is hardly any thinking involved, the only binds I still just can’t quite manage are the second sides of the Ardha Badha’s, my left hand just can’t stretch enough to find my toe, I think my left shoulder is still quite tight. But everything else is consistently there, Mari D and Supta K and again today a complete 360 rock around in Garbha.


Cow Roundabout

I got left alone in backbends, Sharath didn’t say a word today, now he knows I know I can stand up, he has stopped telling me it’s possible. I just need to work it out, how that freak set of circumstances came together and allowed it to happen yesterday. Well whatever that is, it didn’t happen today, try as I might I just couldn’t stand up. Too much thinking as Ruth would tell me. Yesterday I didn’t expect it to happen, but today I did, I suppose I was trying to force it today, knowing it is possible. Oh well always tomorrow.


Extra Noodle shelves

Sharath talked about “Noodles” in the context of people who are very flexible but not strong. Now has anyone else in Mysore noticed the half an aisle of Noodles that has suddenly appeared in the Nilgiri’s Supermarket? When I arrived a month ago that aisle had dried foods, nuts and dried fruits etc, but I think the Supermarket seems to have realised just how many yoga students of Asian origin are in Gokulam and has now filled 3 bays with bags of dried noodles of every flavour! Does eating noodles make you bendier? At least it hasn’t been done to the detriment of the 2 most important Aisles, the Chocolate and Biscuits!


Another spelling indianism!


4 Responses to “One day wonder”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    David Swenson used to talk about those practice days when it seems the yoga faeries leave their magic dust on you overnight and everything goes right in practice and you feel like everything is coming together. Then, just to mess with you, they come the next night and sprinkle what he calls “concrete dust” on you and nothing goes right you’re left wondering if it’s what you ate or what you wore or just how to capture the previous magic. But have no fear, it will be back (the magic dust, that is) and it won’t seem like magic anymore!

  2. ivana Says:

    it is all in your mind 😉 you probably felt the pressure from last time being able to stand up and it totally took over. you obviously can do it – so it is just matter of relaxing and not dwelling on it. it will come back 😉

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