Surprises keep on coming


The surprises continue to come in Mysore. Practice this morning had been solid, a great Supta K assist from Lisa, followed by a 360 Garbha and rock up into Kukutasana. All the things that have been an issue like Mari B and D in the past, just don’t get a thought now. I have discovered how to control the 360 Garbha rock now without getting beached, the bum balances could be better, but they are still better than they were.

So we come to what is the issue of the moment, backbends. Urdva Dhanurasana were good, walking in etc and rocking. Dropbacks had control, walk in, rock, splat! My problem is keeping my head back, it so wants to come up as I launch forwards, four times I tried, I got near on one, crashing down. Sharath came over to do cross arms and then one deeply assisted dropback, “walk in walk in”, OMG that’s intense, then a tweak of my hips and I return to standing with ease. I just need to do that tweak for myself, sending the hips forward just a little to change the dynamic. Then came the surprise.

“Very good, Monday you take Pasasana!” that was a real surprise, I thought he would want to see perfect stand ups or even wobbly ones before starting me on second series. At least technically my usual practice is with Pasasana, ( i was given Pasasana last year by Kino and told to continue by my regular Teacher) ,so it’s not going to be stressful doing it, though I probably better not eat too many croissants or chocolate bars over the weekend!


Gokulam Post Office

After my nap and Breakfast I had to go to the Sony Centre, I have taken 700 photos so far and needed a new memory card, they only gad 2GB ones, enough for maybe 400 more photos, so I think there needs to be a cull.

While wandering I also came across a card shop, so managed to get some Christmas cards to send home, which then of course meant finding the Post Office. Finding the Gokulam branch was easy and surprised to find there was no long queue. They just weighed them and gave me the stamps to stick on,just hope they get home before I do!


5 Responses to “Surprises keep on coming”

  1. V Says:

    Yay! That’s excellent – it will take the pressure off standing up.

  2. Pat Moore Says:

    Congratulations again! And it just keeps coming…..

  3. Claudia Says:

    Oh what a nice feeling! Passasana! right of passage there! I’m living vicariously through you 😉

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