Trip, Practice, conference & fire pixie!


Two nice days off. On moon day I took a bus trip to Sriranagapatna, explored the town, Fort, Palace and even a Dungeon dating back to when most of the world map was pink.


Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

When I went to Easy Day the new KFC had just opened, the queue snaked round the block, so much for south Indians being vegetarians!


Mysore KFC open for business

After 2 mornings of sleeping in the alarm came as a bit of a shock today. More new faces pushed back into the first practice, but still got my same spot, better size neighbours too,Jose from AYL and a girl who stopped at Garbha,so not quite as much of a space issue in Supta K or in the up and over of Supta Konasana, though I got 3/4 of the way round in Garbha, then got nudged and beached, but its coming. Decent backbends, though my lower back is still tight.


Local Festival

Leisurely breakfast before the Sunday chanting class, though that was a joke as we competed with some kind of mini street festival with a huge blaring speaker out in the street and a small child opening then slamming the Shala door.

This afternoon I met up with J, newly arrived from the UK, showed her the area, Shala and then took her to register and conference, where it was lovely to run into Louise and her family from AYL also newly off the plane from wintry Europe. Though the weather today in Mysore was abysmal, not cold but torrentially wet.


Sharath talked about the Bandhas, how particularly Mula Bandha can make the practice easier, he just got off his chair and demonstrated the incredible control it’s possible to get as he jumped back.Use mula for Uth Plutihi, jump through and back,makes body lighter

Kundalini in sushumba nadi comes when bandhas are perfected.

Mula bandha should practiced all time when walking and sitting

Use mula Uth Plutihi jump through and back body lighter

Someone asked about doig practice when you are unwell, Sharath said if you just have a Cold you can practice,but if you have a fever you should rest.

My new flatmate asked if he had any advice for newbies, he said just practice

Yogis are usually silent and solitary, especially after practice , but they should take part in society and try to do good

Yogis Make sacrifices to perfect their practice


April Fire pixie

The heavens had truly opened when conference finished, everyone hung out under the overhang, others queued to register, start times have hit 9am, by that time I have done my practice, had another 2 hours sleep and am ready for breakfast.


We prayed for the rain to stop as we spent an hour on the roof of Santosha watching Fire Pixie April do her stuff in aid of a couple of local charities, spectacular and good fun, shame more people didn’t take a chance on the rain stopping and come along. There was also a raffle and I somehow won a Hoola hoop, though minus the fire attachments. April makes the hoops out of drainage tube to give to the kids. Should be good for my hips, but no idea how how I would take it home. Small iPhone video I took here

Pasasana day tomorrow 🙂


8 Responses to “Trip, Practice, conference & fire pixie!”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    I cannot believe people are queued up for KFC! We ate there once since we got back to the states, and now we’re good for about ten years. Even my little one feels she’s done with KFC food.
    Did you do Pasasana today?

  2. ivanalindgreen Says:

    ah, it sounds like you are having a great time x

  3. Keen on Food Says:

    Small child was Sambhav, Sharath’s son, must be why nobody was stopping him.

  4. StEvE Says:

    Hi Kev, David Garrigues posted quite an interesting breakdown of Pasasana today. Perfect timing for you!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Steve

      Thanks for the link, i will have a read.

      I actually bound both sides today, then did backbends, Sharath must have missed it, as he told me to do it again

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