Pasasana is here, standing up has disappeared.


Tea time

Practice seems to be taking longer and longer each day, even when, unlike Monday I don’t get to do Pasasana and all the backbends twice! Practice is all there, Primary seems to have lost all it’s little hills, well except Navasana maybe, but that’s more mind over matter. But I’m pretty much left alone except for UHP, even Supta K I get to play on my own. I got all the way round to nine o’clock in Garbha, then tried a too bigger rock to get back to the front and beached myself, luckily one of the assistants saw and came and rescued me, thanks Ian!

Pasasana done both sides, no comment from Sharath, so off to backbends. My UD’s are solid now, but after the few freaky stand ups I seem to have lost any chance of coming up at the minute, though Natalie over breakfast said when you first manage to do it, it comes and goes, so hopefully it will return in the next few weeks. Assisted dropbacks after doing half a dozen of my own. My lower back seems happier for not coming up at least on my own, there is no strain at all when I’m tweaked by Sharath or one of the Assistants.

As I said its been getting longer, it took me 90 minutes to get to closing! You do work harder, stretch that little further,stay a little longer trying to get everything you can out of each Asana. Back home practice often left me wired and very awake, but here it tires me, but in a nice way , so tired I got home and slept until past 9am, only woken by some horn honking nutcase!


Umit reading the Coffee

The longer I’m here the more you learn about your fellow practitioners, Umit for example. She’s a native of Istanbul, but has the look of someone from further east, her Georgian heritage. Umit has a talent for “reading” the grounds left in the bottom of the cups of Turkish coffee. Every day she reads the grounds of 2 or 3 people, they cross her palm with 10 Rupees, as she predicts their future. It’s a shame I don’t like coffee otherwise I could find out whats in store for me!


7 Responses to “Pasasana is here, standing up has disappeared.”

  1. V Says:

    Hey Kev, how much longer are you staying? I might go there in January if the planets align…

    • globie Says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      I’m here until 28th December. I hope you get to come, but you have been before so know how good it is in Mysore.

      Nice to have Louise out here now too.

  2. V Says:

    I can’t say yet whether it will work out or not, but I’m hopeful. I might even try to get your room! (a washing machine is a must, ha ha).

  3. D Says:

    A belated congrats on standing up from dropping back, never mind that it comes and goes, think of it as teething problems that the body will overcome 😉

    Thoroughly enjoying your posts and photos from Mysore even if I don’t comment often. From your words I can tell that you’ve found your momentum in the practice which is beautiful to see after what you’ve gone through this year.

    • Globie Says:

      Thanks D, yes it has a few teething problems.

      It’s been a strange year, but at least it’s ending on a high here in Mysore. I honestly thought I would be stuck at Garbha here, so to now be doing my “normal” practice to Pasasana is great.

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