Garbha Pinball


The usual squash of Friday led,slap slap slap as mats hit the floor, late comers ending up in the Foyer or on the Stage. At least I wasn’t surrounded by tall people today, so slightly easier to do the Supta K and Upavistha type poses. Garbha as the title implies was another matter, it ended up being Garbha arse pinball. Three of us ended up beached with Sharath laughing as he made the difficult decision of who to rescue! It wasn’t me, (pretty blond one took priority) so I had to unthread, unbeach, then re thread and push up into Kukutasana.

Backbends we seemed to hold for an eternity, there was an audible sigh at “5” as we came down, luckily Sharath picked me for the Paschimottanasana squash, though he’s not as good as Isa!

The Shala has a dog who likes to hang out with the yoga folk, it’s called Butternam after his colouring, he is there as we wait for the Gate to open and if he isn’t stopped he comes into the Shala when the next group come in, bounding across the room trying to greet everyone. Not that I touch him, not a dog fan, especially here. I can’t believe the people who won’t touch ice and worry about the water, but will quite happily pet a potential Rabies carrying mut! He also likes to ride on Scooters, he waits for Natalie to get her Scooter started, then jumps between her feet, looking out the side, she takes him for a ride around the block most mornings!

I think everyone is tired, luckily I can go back to bed for a couple of hours, until the horn honking nutter turns up around 8:30.


Breakfast at Anokhi Garden

Breakfast is a pleasant few hours every day, chatting, eating and it seems sadly saying good-bye to someone whose time here is over. People leave, but everyone is already planning how they can come again. You come here thinking it’s going to be a one off experience, akin to a Muslim visiting Mecca, but if you spend months here you become part of a community, enjoying your practice, where it doesn’t have to fit around life, job etc, Mysore mortality, everyone leaves eventually, but everyone wants to come back.


6 Responses to “Garbha Pinball”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    I think I remember reading that the dog’s name is butter naan not butternam 😉

  2. StEvE Says:


    This blog is pretty mind-blowing; very inspiring.

    It might help!

  3. Wayne Says:

    “Garbha arse pinball” – lol!

  4. Wayne Says:

    I’ve often wondered if that asana is in the sequence just so people don’t take themselves so seriously.

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