Sunday and Monday in Mysore


Mobile Cow Roundabout

After the Saturday day off the led practice on Sunday doesn’t seem quite as hard going as the Friday one and unlike the Mysore practice there are no Pasasana or drop backs. Of course the flip side is that you get to hold Urdva Dhanurasana and Uthpluthi for what feels like eternity. I love the audible “uuuaaaahhh” that fills the room after the third UD.

4pm Sunday afternoon is time for Conference

Sirsasana should be held for 1 Yama, which equates to 3 hours
Sharath said he remembered going off to play Cricket as a child, leaving Guruji in Sirsasana and returning 5 hours later Guruji would still be in it!

Amrita bindu store life force (seed of immortality )

If you do not practice Yama and niyama, then no point doing asana

Mind changes deeper you go into asana, the mind quietens and becomes more internal, progressively less awareness of surroundings

Asana foundation to build structure on

True yogis don’t have egos


Palace entry Gate

Sunday evening a trip into town to see the Palace lights again. We went on the red Volvo AC bus, but when it was time to go home the only 119 to be seen was the battered blue one the locals pile on to. We thought the reason for this was price, but it costs the same 9 Rupees as the non AC red bus. The bus didn’t seem to have gears or brakes, the locals somehow manage to get three or even four people on the seats. We stood, which was ok, but you can’t see where you are, so it’s hard to work out when your stop is coming up. Eventually it stopped and you literally have to fight your way off. I think the extra 6 Rupees for the nice AC Volvo is a bargain!


Sardine blue bus


Opposite to the signs at home.

Monday back to the usual practice, I really enjoyed this mornings practice, I had the energy and the flexibility, staying in some Asanas a bit longer to get that little bit further. Left alone mostly, except for UHP from Denise, she lifts the leg much higher, it depends which Assistant you get as to how intense it is. I was already in Supta K, but Isa spotted me and came over, taking it to a much deeper level, some days you can just go with it, some people say she is a little too intense, but I love the way she gets both my feet behind my head and lifts me up so that my arms go straight for Titibhasana .

I had done Pasasana twice and was thinking about starting my backbends, but Denise tapped me on the shoulder and said “wait”. She then did it assisted getting my heals on the ground first before the bind, I’m better on the second side, as I have a stronger bind that side and can lift my hips up away from her support, but it was good to get assisted.

There is no let up now, after Pasasana its time for Urdva Dhanurasana and the walking the hands in games, I did 5 trying to walk in further, but there is a finite point when I know I need to stand up and do my drop backs while there’s still enough fuel in the Tank so to say. Really good drop backs, plenty of rocking, but alas no lift off to standing.

A nice strong practice that feels like everything is going in the right direction.


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  1. Saravan Says:

    Very good article. Public transport yet to be developed in Mysore.

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